My last two mobile deposits had a "hold" placed on funds deposited that exceeded $500. The deposited checks were from a county government bank account and a state government bank account, respectively. These governmental entities do not write "hot" checks therefore I wonder why the hold. This is the first experience with this in about 30 years of banking with USAA. Three attempts at getting an answer have proven futile. The telephone inquiries to the bank are routed to a "call center" which has virtually no useable information and really doesn't care, thus I am making this inquiry in hopes someone with information at USAA is watching. It is a simple question I am asking. I would appreciate a response from someone who knows something. No way I will continue sending deposits to a bank that will not talk to me. 


Hello @415,

I'm sorry to hear your previous attempts for clarity on this subject were not helpful.


We understand how a having a hold on a deposit can be inconvenient at times. As per our Depository Agreement (which is available to view online through our Search field) all deposits made via Mobile app are subject to holds. 

During the deposit steps while using the mobile app, a notification informs of any amounts that may be placed on holds prior to you submitting/authorizing, giving you the option to cancel the deposit or continue. 


Some reasons for deposit holds: 

Depositing via mobile app or ATM, as these are not considered Verified Funds such as a Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, Cash Advance, etc. 

Recent negative history on the account. Such as, returned deposits, returned payments NSF's, overdrawing the account

Monthly average balance of the account is less than the amount of the deposit. 

Newly established account. 


If you would a Deposit Specialist to look at your specific account, please select Chat under Contact Us or Call 210-531-8722. 


I will also forward your message to the appropriate area to review your concerns and feedback. 

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify banking deposit holds processes. I hope you will find it helpful for future deposits. 


Have a great weekend. ~ Lori C





Thank you for your reply. Respectfully, you perhaps did not fully appreciate what I wrote in my original post, which covered the areas in your reply to me. Your reply is the same as I already got in my telephone calls and chat conversations. The quoted depository language does not apply to my circumstance. I don't need a list of possibilities; I want specifics. This is why I posted this conversation. Again, my search for an answer is frustrated. I can only conclude that USAA, despite its representations of valuing its customers and caring about "those who serve" really doesn't care at all. Literally, you are misappropriating money that I send your bank in good faith, if for no other reason than you will not tell me why you won't immediately credit my deposits as you have done over the past 30 years. I think the fact is that you know why but just do not want to tell me. This is simple dishonesty. If your objective is to run me off, you are accomplishing that. Nowadays, it appears the only beneficiaries of USAA membership are the execs who get to sit in the skyboxes at football games because of the megabucks ad campaign now running on TV and radio which, by the way, is misleading based on my current experience.

It appears usaa has to much money and does not feel accountable to the service members it serves. Keep talking to all everyone you come in contact with. They may once again need the service members the proclaim to serve.