Hello fellow battle buddies! Down here in the Florida Army National Guard. I've been unemployed since getting laid off in October. Father of three, about to lose everything. I'm not looking for a hand out, just a job and a small loan.


What part of Florida are you in?  If you are near Clearwater/Tampa msg me and I can refer you to my fathers company, for a job.  It is drilling and foundation so it's manual labor, often requires travel.  However pay and benifits are great!

I didn't expect anything from this...thank you!
St. Petersburg

Will ccontact you when i get off around 6.

I'm so sorry my phone was out of reception due to being in a military building. I hope I didn't miss your call. I am still looking for a job and am looking forward to an interview.

Sounds good thanks
Seeing people helping people is so refreshing. Thank you sir for your service and thank you maam for looking out for fellow vets.
I'm still waiting to hear from you regarding the job in Clearwater. Thank you.

If you have no income because you're unemployed then you ought to not borrow money from anyone. Period. Cut your expenses and sell your assets first.


I do wish you luck.