I am very disappointed with the run around I am receiving as I try to open up an IRA account.

I faxed my Simple IRA application into USAA on 1/5/16. After I didn’t hear anything back I sent an email inquiry. I received an email response on 1/7/16. In the email I was told I couldn’t pick the funds I chose because it required money up front.

I then called to speak with an advisor after the 1/7 email. I told him the funds I chose didn’t require upfront funds and he told me that my form was outdated even though I printed it off from the website. He said I could change my fund from Fund Code 38 to Fund Code 32 and then he said I was good to go. Then he transferred me to the accounting office to set up the account for payments and to change my application. He said I do not need to resubmit form he could make the changes for me. Again I was told that everything was good to go. Both people I spoke with were not very helpful. I had to keep trying to pry information out of them and ask what I was supposed to do next. The person in accounting told me to just mail the check in but I asked if “I should wait until I had a form or account number?” he said “sure I could”. Doesn’t USAA have a set up and payment policy?

And now, I am again told that my application is incorrect and the product I signed up for is not available!

Did the policies change in the last week?

And twice now I have been told that someone has called me. I have caller ID and voicemail on my cell phone -No one has called me! I'm seem to get text alerts just fine, though.

I just want a Simple IRA that both employee and employer contribute to the plan.


Dear Jane W,

A specialist will be calling you to make sure you get the assistance you need. Thank you for taking the time to post here in the community. Please keep us posted on how the call and outcome of your IRA set up goes! Have a great weekend!

USAA wants your money upfront. Bottom line, they're not really making money if they're giving you money.