I find USAA Customer Service is NOT what it used to be

I am experiencing divorce and called today about removing my husband from our joint checking account. He has opened a new checking account. I was told that USAA has the ability to remove him from the account but only in the case of death not divorce. So basically you can do it, but refuse to. I was told the only option is to open a whole new checking account and that all the bill pay, direct deposit, transfers, etc. I have set up would have to be redone for the new account. Why should I have to do this? It is a waste of my time and USAAs time, plus there is significant chance for error or problems that could result in transaction defects - or such disasters as my mortgage not being paid on time or at all. I am a very, very dissatisfied customer. I realize no one at USAA cares but it is really really unfortunate that your rules are so obsolete and difficult for your customers. At this point I'll just leave my ex husband on my account while I find a new bank to work with. After 20 years --- goodbye USAA.


Dear member,


I have sent this over to a banking team member for review, they will be reaching out directly. Thank you for your comment in Community.

This is a perfect example of the new USAA! Back in 2008 when me and my wife seperated for a time, the process was so simple that all we had to do was send in signature authorization via fax. Fast forward to 2015, and they basically are just telling you that you are stuck and figure it out. I hope you get a new account.

The USAA of old is long gone. I'm surprised more folks haven't woken up and gone elsewhere for better rates and better customer service. Shop around and you'll feel embarrassed about USAA instead of proud like we used to feel.

Dear Superfly,

We are so saddened to hear you feel this way. We would appreciate the opportunity to learn more about your experiences and how we can improve. If you could, please email us at socialmedia@usaa.com with your feedback. We appreciate your time and thoughts. Thank you