I can no longer me a USAA member or recommend USAA

I've been a USAA members for more than 30 years and my parents have been USAA members for more than 50 years (my mother worked for USAA at one point). My spouse and I have multiple banking accounts, credit cards, and insurance policies with USAA. But that's all about to change.


A home owners insurance claim we made in May 2021 has turned into a disaster. It started with a bad contractor that USAA sent, then it turned into a battle over the scope and cost of the repairs, and throughout it all we've been passed off from one adjuster to another and fed a series of half-truths and outright lies. Even the department manager has fed us a load of bull at times while also apologizing and promising the problems would stop. 


We've tried to be patient throughout the whole process, taking into account the impact of the pandemic, the difficulty of working from home and maintaining staff, and the knowledge that other members are dealing with disaster-related claims and/or being deployed. Even with that grace given, the level of customer service has been abhorrent. We would not wish our experience on anyone.


The result of this claim has been extradordinary: The contractor's unnecessary remediation work caused the claim size to ballon; delays in claim processing caused repairs and material orders to be pushed back months and in increased material costs; and, the experience has caused us to lose complete faith in USAA as an organization. I should also mention that USAA declined to renew our home insurance policy but at least I can blame algorithms, not people, for that.


There is something organizationally rotten at USAA that needs to be repaired. I don't know if current leadership is the cause or if they're simply not addressing the issue. Regardless, leadership is not adequately serving members and that should be their priority. If leadership is aware of these issues, they should be ashamed. If they're not unaware of these issues, give them a medal for ignorance.


-- An Imminently Former Member

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@Ozbaltaci, Thanks for taking the time to share your customer service experience. I've forwarded your comments to the appropriate area. We continually look for opportunity to improve our services and your feedback will help us do so. - Ben

I totally agree. I also have had a poor experience with usaa. Over the past 19 years i have been building my credit . eastablished my civilian career and built business's. However all that i have built i not once was placed in a position by USAA to succeed. I also will be closing my personal checking and savings accounts with USAA. I wish i could say i am happy with the service i recieved but unfortunately that is not the situation.




Congratulations on working towards building your credit and businesses in your civilian career. 

It is concerning to read that you feel USAA has not placed you in a position to succeed.

I would like to understand more about what your expectations are for us to help facilitate your success?

~ Lori C

@BISeattle, sorry to hear your claims experience has not been what you would have expected. I am escalating your concerns so that we may have an opportunity to address them. Once reviewed you will be contacted directly to assist further. Thank you. -Cynthia