I have several 10-year old US Treasury I-Bonds that have been earning about 2.5-3.0% depending on the bond. Their maturity or life is suppose to be 30 years. 


Is 2.5-3.0% a reasonable yield on these? Should I consider moving them into my USAA managed accounts? Unfortuanately, I've yet to see strong showings in them either. In fact this past year (2015), it looks like I took a net loss in the several managed accounts I have. 


I wll probably call my investment team but would be interested to see the larger community or financial planners here to give their shot at the issue. 






Dear Tomio,

Thank you for posting here in the community! A specialist will be reaching out to you personally to offer assistance in making some of the decisions you mentioned and offer to answer any further questions or concerns you might have!! Thank you!