How to pay off my credit card and medical bills

Yes, my wife and I have almost $35,000 in debt behind credit card bills, and most of debt is medical bills. January 2016 is approaching soon and we would like to know how to get out of debt in which a way that we can pay our bills and start a emergency fund savings at the same time. We have good credit until I got sick and ended up in the hospital and the money that I was faithfully paying on time every month, made us get behind on our credit cards that was being and still being reported to the credit bureau every month. We had great credit score now we went from being in the 700's now down to the low 400's in a matter of 1 year.

It sicken us to our stomach how low our credit score has fallen, however we want to get back to where we were, therefore we will do whatever it takes to get back there, but we don't know how to start off with paying our creditors, like who to pay back 1st or how to tackle this situation without being broke every month or living from check to check especially we only get our income once a month.

I am tired of robbing Paul to pay Peter, so I need some sound solid advice so that me and my wife can get back on track. I know our credit was good at one point because we just a brought a brand new home from the ground up with all of our personal touches included while the house was being built. We were approved for $270,000.00 based on our income and good credit score. I am 100% disable veteran, plus I receive Social Security disability.

Right now our bills surpasses our income that we bring in. Our income is around $5100 a month. And expense is around $6200 a month and we tried cutting back and everything I tried to eliminate and any excess baggage's but everything was a necessity and not a want. So please someone out there help me and my wife in the right direction. Thank you!!!


In another thread it was mentioned that USAA has a Financial Improvement Team, I bet they could help. 


Here is a link to that thread with their phone number

A lot of Soldiers have had success with Dave Ramsey's method. I don't think he has the best advice for building wealth, but for getting out of debt I think he's got solid advice.

Thank you, 727 for providing that information!


Juicyhips - I would give them a call, they are very helpful. Best of luck!

I'm sure many of could write a book on getting out of debt. There are a lot of good articles out there describing how to break up and restructure debt to improve cash flow and then systematically targeting high interest or low balance to dig out. Good luck