We got married a month ago. Both of us have our own member IDs for insurance. Note we want to create a new joint checking account. How do we do that? The only option I see is and about with primary account holder and secondary. Not both primary. Does this exist?


I need the answer to the same question but also want to open a JOINT CREDIT CARD


Thank you for your comment regarding joint checking accounts. It may be best to speak with a service specialist in order to address your concern. You can reach a specialist by clicking here or by telephone at 1-800-531-8722.

The included link from TaraCrooksUSAA did not work.



Here you go, click here.

Be aware that USAA account specialists are not adequately informed to set you up correctly legally for a joint account.   Depending on the state you are residing in, the documents USAA uses may or may not legally do what it seems to do.   Also, I talked to an account specialist to ask whether my joint account carried "survivorship" and not only did she not understand what survivorship is (she kept referring to beneficiaries, which are different) she did not seem to know that the signature card is the primary document that defines this and did not refer me to it.


I finally found out online.  Use an estate planner in your home state to verify if your accounts are legally what they are purported to be by USAA.  They don't know, or don't care.  You may need to find a bank that takes care with this aspect as it can be financial disaster when one of you dies and the bank account is not  legally what USAA told you  it was.