For the first time I am going to buy a used car. Here's my dilemma (because it hasn't come up before!) I have always banked with USAA and have never had to get more than $100 cash out of an ATM. I have the money in my USAA bank account to pay for the car, but I know I can't get $1,700 out of an ATM.  How do I get enough cash to pay the seller? 


Do you have an debit card through USAA? Go to your account online and raise your spending limit for that account and use your card for that transaction.

thanks!  This worked!

Adding to Lani's post, you may have to go to more than one bank to withdraw that much money from their ATM's. Individual banks also impose maximum withdraws from their ATM's
Then you'll probably want to go inside one of the banks and exchange that $1,700 worth of $20's for $100's.

Hi NestEgg23,


I found the easiest option for me when purchasing a vehicle was going to your local bank in town and asking for a cash advance using your USA debit card. You will need to call the bank first at: 1-800-531-8722 to raise your limit. I would also recommend calling the bank in your area before going in. I withdrew a very large amount this way and it was very convenient. Let us know if you have any other questions. Best of luck!

Angela (et al),


I'm in a similar situation now and have a question about the cash advance. Does a "cash advance" incur any type of interest or other charge? Isn't this the same thing people do when using a credit card to draw cash from an ATM, incurring large interest payments?

As I read your comment it sounds like you just authorized USAA to allow your local bank to 'lend' you all that money. Or is that wrong? Did you ever pay anything more, to either bank, than the ammount you withdrew to pay for the vehicle?

Thanks so much!

Hello @ElPasoQuestioner, if you use your debit card for a cash advance there is not any fees associated from USAA. It is just like you are withdrawing funds from your checking account. -Colleen