How to Transfer / Send Money to an Individual Using USAA Website



It IS POSSIBLE to send money to another individual via the USAA Website (in addition to the Mobile App) only it is a little bit more involved, and requires access to the other persons checking account.


1. First you will need to add the "other persons" checking account to the "account list".


2. You will need to wait for "validation" to be successful.


3. You can then use Transfer between Accounts found in the Account Tools Tab to transfer funds.


4. Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Can I add an account belonging to someone else to my account list for funds transfers?

    Yes, you can add another person's USAA or non-USAA checking or savings account. However, you will only be able to make deposits into these accounts.
  • How do I add a non-USAA account or another member's USAA account to my account list for funds transfers


    There are two ways to add an account for funds transfers on

        1. From My Account Tools Tab Drop Menu, under the Transfer between Accounts section, select  Add an Account.


        2. Download the  Account and Transaction Authorization Form  and follow instructions shown on the form.

    IMPORTANT: You will need to provide the transit routing number, account number and the accountholder name for the account you're adding. To help protect you from fraud and theft, we will need to review the account before it can be used for funds transfers.

  • What if my Funds Transfer Question is Not Shown?

    Click here to visit the full Frequently Asked Questions Section about Funds Transfers.

Keeping Members Informed


Would this show up as an ACH transfer on the non-USAA account, or a direct deposit like a paycheck does?  Thank you. 


It may depend on the type of account. Mine has always looked like an ACH to my other non-USAA account. If you want to discuss specifics I would call a member service specialist. You can contact them here here to provide them with additional detail and your member information. You can also reach a service specialist at 1-800-531-8722.

Okay.. I just want to confirm. We are talkinga bout adding another person's account to MY usaa account so I can do Direct Deposits for bill payments. right? if YES, I have 3 questions: 1 is this legal? 2 Is this free? 3 What are the risks (can they take mone out of my account? what is the WORSE they can do to me if they wanted to. "they" being the person who owns the other bank account I am depositing money into) Thanks



Correct, you can add another person's account to the Funds Transfer feature. This would allow you to transfer funds, similar to a direct deposit, to that person's account. And best of all, it is perfectly legal, convenient and free. There are no risks since the person does not have your account information, which also means they can not take out funds from your account.


Thanks again.

If I have linked my account to the account of another person to whom I wish to transfer money,and they have a check of mine from a previous payment, would they then have sufficient information to withdraw money from my account?

Hi Eshore, I understand your concern about the security of your account by linking it to another person. Whenever you provide your account information to a third party there is always the risk of a compromise. If you have an agreement with a third party to withdraw from your account in which they require check, then they should only be able to withdraw on the agreed amount. If you noticed a discrepancy on the withdrawn amount, you may dispute the transaction. Please let us know if you need further assistance. - Ben