Same thing that happend to me, I paid the cable company then the cable company said they have not receive the money. I expect USAA to be very helpful instead they do nothing to help me. I was so disappointed with them, this only shows that I cannot trust USAA. I called the cable company they said I have to call USAA because they did not receive any payment, I saw my credit card waas charged, I called them but not helpful, instead they send me a letter saying that with our ibvestigation its my responsibility to pay the company. Hello! I know that, I want to know where is my money that I paid??

I will taking all my finances out to this company, can't trust you guys.

Dear Aya2015,

Please send us an email here at with your member number and the details you provided above. We will pass them onto a banking specialist who will then reach out to you. We apologize for the confusion thus far and look forward to hearing from you so we can work to get this situation resolved. Thank you.



Something doesn't make sense here.   You paid your cable bill with your credit card, but the cable company is saying they didn't get the money?  If the charge is showing on your credit card, how is it they didn't get the money?

It sounds like the cable company lost your payment. Did you get a confirmation or authorization number for the transaction? If you paid the cable company via credit or debit card, and you are able to see the authorization on your statement, then your bank did their part. They authorized the transaction that you initiated. You could try getting the authorization number for the transaction from the bank, then call and provide it to the cable company. They should be able to locate your payment that way. Has the transaction posted, or is it still pending?

I've received the deposited check's funds.  It took about 3-4 weeks to go through the process. has not yet been updated with any new information.  It still says two business days to process, which may be technically true, but is still very misleading to anyone who is not a banker (ie, pretty much everyone).