How do I withdraw cash in excess of normal amount in California?

I need to know how to withdraw cash from my USAA checking account, that is in excess of what the normal limits are?  I live in California and there are no USAA banks here that I know of.  So what is USAA's plan for customers like me who need to withdraw a high dollar amount of cash for a cash transaction I need to make?  My ATM withdraw limits are far below what I need to withdraw today.  So how does USAA remedy this?  I do not see this addressed anywhere on the USAA website.   There is a great deal about deposits but almost nothing about withdrawals.  


I would just try calling. Usually they can temporarily change limits for 24 hours if you give them a heads up.

You mean try calling USAA bank?

Hi Ting Ting,

If you give us a call at 1-800-531-8722 a representative will help you increase your withdrawal limit! Thank you for posting!