I had a good thing going when my investment accounts were with USAA. i was able to automatically transfer money to my USAA investment accounts. Now with Schwab it seems like I can't even manually transfer money to Schwab. The Wire Transfer page on USAA says "Wire transfer services for brokerage accounts are no longer available. Learn more about wire transfers for brokerage accounts with our new strategic provider Charles Schwab." but clicking "Learn more" doesn't show any information about transferring to Schwab, just marketing info that I've been seeing for the past 2 months... I'd like to setup automatic transfers to Schwab but just seems impossible. Someoe please help.


Thank you for reaching out to us today @pctopgs, I regret to hear of the issues you are having. I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area for review. Once reviewed they will contact you, we appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily


I use Schwab money transfer a form of ACH Debit transfer - to setup need bank account & routing. It appears as a debit in account I'm transfering money from. I've been able to use same feature to push - ACH Credit - to transfer from Schwab account to external account - deposit. No cost so far - ETF may cost$$


Schwab taxable trading account and IRAs.


I use RBFCU & Texans CU. Took few minutes to setup, RBFCU setup appeared more complicated.

Hope this helps.

On Schwab's site there are two options to transfer from USAA Savings or USAA checking, although I haven't used it yet I have set the checking option up.  I'll repost in a few days when I try to use it.