I'm trying to see the account details of all the transfers I did during my deployment because a friend of mine borrowed a large ammount of money and I'm just trying to see when and who I transfered money to

I've already tried going on money manager and clicked on track money but every time I try to put in the dates I was in Iraq while all of this happened it tells me that "The selected date range must be less than or equal to 18 months"


I then downloaded the USAA app and It was incredibly easy to touche track money and it showed everything I needed to know! I've already printed out the documents that I need from my account tools, view documents but they don't show the routing and acount number yet the phone app shows every detail I need!

I can just scan this informaton from my phone but I'd prefer to do it on my computer and print since thats a more easy way of doing it

I transfered some money to a handfull of people during deployment but I'm trying to specify a certain person that borrowed money from me as oppose to me just giving back money to people I borrowed money from since the PDF file just shows how much I transfered as oppose to who I transfered to


any help would be nice



Thanks for your question. Please call a member services representative at 1-800-531-8722 and they will be able to assist you in gathering the information you need. 

the operator said that going that far I'd have to pay money to get my records since the phone app only shows from may 2010 and onwards

I don understand why a bank company charges people for their own information but I guess I should have been more smart about who I give my money too, inculding banks