How can we have USAA stop using the military for his business

As mentioned by others , usaa is not a customer oriented business. It is a scam, here to use the military name to make business. They should be senate led investigation on their practices and have them remove the military affiliation. I had a none sufficient fund fee charged for the third time in less than 12 months in a middle of covid19 hardship. They told me that since I am going through hardship condition due to the covid 19. They are going to put me in a program and wont worry for these NSF fees anymore for 3months , but for the moment being they won't remove the current NSF fees because the policy is not retroactive and there nothing they can do. They promised to call the next business day and here I am, still with the NSF fee. How USAA is screwing our military financial readiness in the name of patriotism is outrageous. My wife is active duty and I am veteran, they dont care. I am an injured veteran, they don't care. Hey brothers in arms, we deserve better, financial support. Its is possible to support our military service members while doing business and profits, but never while being greedy and fake. If my issue and the issue of thousands of militaries with usaa are still not addressed with rest due to my condition, I will continue the outcry everywhere I can be heard. God bless our troops , "if If You Can't Stand Behind Our Troops Feel Free to Stand in Front of Them" God bless America


Hello @LAAFIMAKERI regret to hear of the concerns you have with us today. I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area. Once reviewed they may contact you. We do appreciate your patience in advance. -Colleen

LAAFIMAKER's comments are completely contrary to the excellent services I've received from USAA.  Been with them 44 years! And I'm retired Air Force.