How best to handle dept when budget is not enough

My husband and I have 4 credit cards we would like to pay off. Other than following a budget (which we already do now) I am not sure what other solutions we have at this time. They were started in order to pay for a business opportunity that has not started paying for its self as we had expected and may never do so, We have a mortgage on our house that we are still paying for although we have paid over half of it off, a truck payment. I am going back to school for my bachelors degree and have started accumulating dept for this (GI Bill %100used for my spouses education) and now we have an addition to our family that will add to our financial burden. I feel we need a solution that will help immediately along with the long term plan already in place. What would be the best route to take? 


Visit one of the free credit counseling services to help formulate your game plan. I did a lot of online research to help dig myself out. I used the debt snowball method and found ways to make extra money that I applied to cc debt. If I made $5 extra, I would make a $5 payment. Hope you find solutions that work for you and your family.

Contact your local non-profit American Consumer Credit Counseling Service who can give you specific advise as it pertains to your situation.

Trinity Credit out of Ohio is a very safe non profit that intermediates with the cc companies, which reduces the interest rate and puts those companies at ease. There is a fee but it pays back. They are peaceful and not scammers. You can tell I know them (for a similar reason).