A little can go a long way. Check out this cool infographic on how small change now may spark a big pay-off later. What small purchase are you saying no to and saving the difference?


A good tool to check on how you are doing and where you need to improve. I work with a financial planner and he helped me ensure I covered all my bases regarding insurance, health and savings plans. I did include my current military retirement when asked about household income. It would be nice to have some future planning built into this as well. Such as future pensions and networth to ensure my insurance coverage will be enough or not when I get closer to retirement. But I guess when I retire I will be self insured with what I have saved and what my family will get when I pass on.
Interesting tool, but could use a bit more flexibility, especially for military retirees. For example, what if I retire early and decide to live off my savings and pension for "x" years before applying for Social Security at age 62, 65, or 70? That would be a nice comparison to make, which could help in deciding when to take certain benefits.