How are you saving for college and what is a 529 College Savings Plan?

what additional life insurance can I get at age 75?
I too have zero debt and I get only 10 out of 15 with the admonition I should reduce my debt. Pray tell, how?
This tool needs work. I am in my 40's own my house with 5 more years of mtg payments, no other debt, have a net worth of $800k, save over 20% of my income towards retirement. I get 10 out of 15 on debt? Other then MTG there is no debt. Would I be better off renting ? Savings plans . . . I put over 20% of income towards retirement and max out my childs college fund and have 6 months emergency fund . . . yet I need to work on my savings?

Hi confused11,


Is there something we could help you with? If so, please fee free to give us a call at at 1-800-531-USAA (8722) to discuss any issues you may be having. Thank you.

Hey Confused11,  can you contact me,  I'd like to ask you a question about your retirement plan!!

This household debt area score is ridiculous. We pay off our credit card every month. We use the credit card for groceries, everyday items, anything and everything one would need to have. Not for frivolous spending. It is irritating that, for whatever reason, my score is 0 out of 20, when the circumstances I've written above are in place. We are debt free completely. Our credit card is a TOOL we use all the time and pay off IN FULL every MONTH ON TIME. Shouldn't our "debt score" be 20/20????

Thank you for your feedback Christine. I have shared your comments with the tool team for further consideration. Thank you again for posting (truly, your feedback helps us improve our service!).

I am with Christine. We use our credit card as a tool, not a crutch.

We started a USAA 529 plan a couple of years ago but realize it was a mistake. The plan does not perform well and we would have more money had we put into a simple savings account.  Currently looking to transfer to NY plan..

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Sorry to hear that the 529 plan didn't work out for you. I have sent this along to our financial planning team for review. They will see what we can do to help, and perhaps discuss some other options with you.


Thank you for posting in Community.