How are you saving for college and what is a 529 College Savings Plan?

My income is fro 5 different government programs, none of which will end or decrease in my lifetime. With this fixed secure income it hardly seems important to have an emergency fund set aside. I have other uses for this money.
Im 22 and am lost in my financial issues and trying care for my daughter alone. Just needing some advice on what and where to go.

Hi Rebecca,

Please give one of our financial advisers here at USAA a call, they can offer you personalized advice. They can be reached at 800-771-9960. I wish you the very best of luck working out your finances and taking care of your daughter!

My comment to edtex is that the emergency fund is the "security blanket" for the unexpected life event which allows you to pay ca$h instead of use the credit card (debt). Will your secure, fixed income continue after your death to support your dependent(s)? My father's retirement and disability income ended after his death, leaving my step-mom in financial crisis - even with their wise investments. A healthy emergency fund would have provided a cushion for her to ease the transition to a reduced income. My emergency fund allows me to increase the deductible on my homeowners and auto insurance, thus reducing overall cost. The EF has also replaced a refrigerator on Thanksgiving weekend, and a water heater during Christmas when 22 guests were at my house! I replenished the Emergency fund in short order and never used the credit card.
I am active duty military but at 41 years old I have over $300k in retirement savings, over $40k saved for my 9 year old's education and owe less than $3,000 in debt on a car loan (1.9%). Granted I only have 11k in my emergency fund but how did I get bad grades in retirement savings/education and debt? Am I thought I have been doing good but this tells me I am not.
I'M almost an empty nester . Daughter almost finished with college..The emergency fund is tough for me to get upto to 10K while I'm playing catch up on my 401k... peace
You are awesome. I started out good but with unexpected crisis, it can be hard. I can do it and I will. Thanks for sharing information. ANC
I would like to add Evergreen Federal Bank ( to the list of financial institutions that I have accounts with but am unable to do so after months of trying. Evergreen Federal Bank is not affiliated with any of the Evergreen institutions that you have listed.
What a joke! I don't owe a penny and it gives me a 10 out of 15 and tell me I need to get rid of debt.
Meeting with Gerard Nassif to discuss strategies for the "final years".