Debit card declined at the gas pump? Must be something wrong with the system; nearly $1,000 is available. Oh well, non-USAA credit card to the rescue! When I get to work (thankfully, I wasn't traveling out of town), I see that my checking account is zeroed. I also see a charge for nearly $2,000 for an ACH payment by someone with the same last name to a retailer I have never patronized. Then I notice more than $1,000 has been taken from savings to cover this fraudulent charge! So I call USAA. Voila! We will send you a checking account "dispute" form. But this is fraud! Please tell me the physical location where this fraud occurred so I can file a police report. Sorry, we don't know!! So how do I protect myself; guess I am the only one with several automatic payments coming out of my checking. USAA tells me that this looks like the vendor or account holder made an error when they input their payment. No worries, we should have this figured out in 4-6 weeks!!! I feel so much better. So how do I keep this person from using my account to pay other bills? USAA answer: you can't. But don't worry, this looks like an isolated mistake. Whew! I feel so much better. Then after waiting, I get blank form to fill out so USAA can look into my dispute. Coming up on a week since this happened, and nothing has been corrected. I really wonder how vulnerable our accounts are? Seems pretty loose if all you have to do is use the USAA routing number then submit an account number one or two digits different than your own, we are sitting ducks! But don't worry, we will send you a dispute form and get this straightened out in 4-6 weeks.


Banks usually give you provisional credit for funds within 5 days or so from your completely filling out the dispute forms.
Of course if they determine there was no fraud so goes the provisional funds.
Ask USAA their policy. Also check your state laws. I don't know if there is a federal law which covers this scenario.

It is a federal law, not state law that governs electronic transfers.   The Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA)  See section V particularly, and "Procedures for resolving errors" following that section for provisional credit requirements.  It won't take weeks. 


USAA will follow these rules.  It is unfortunate that you were defrauded, but you're not the first and unfortunately you won't be the last. 


Good luck. 


I have asked a banking specialist to look into your situation further and contact you personally. I apologize for the inconvenience this situation has caused. Thank you for posting here in the community.

Hi Enforcer01,

We see  you have spoke with someone to address your concerns, please let us know if we can assist further. Thank you!