Being with USAA since 2006 was, saying Prideful, doesn't fully describe the satisfaction and privilege to be a member. As years go the company chose to become "corporate banking" and lost focus of what it means to be "member run". To work with each member to succeed and get the product/ services other banks wouldn't help in. It's sad that I have had nothing but issues with USAA during the last few years and am left with no choice but to close all my accounts and go to a different bank. Shop local, stay local is something I have gone by and now have to do that with my banking and insurance needs. To be told my retirement income (when it's direct deposited) is unable to be verified by USAA is ridiculous. To have letter/ award along with my credit report showing the $140k in student loans are being forgiven to 100% PTD was not proof enough to show the "delinquency" in payments are being removed as well. My debt to income is approximately 13% and I was told to trade my vehicle (which is financed currently) could not be done "you have to many obligations". To get an appraisal on a vehicle I own (no financing) was $19,800 was pathetic, my new bank appraised it to be $23,300. No more USAA, time for me to move on to bigger and better things.



Dear Mark,

I am truly sorry to hear you are leaving, and appreciate all the feedback you have left here in the community. It is my understanding you have already spoken with a member service specialist and they were unable to mend our relationship with you. If there is anything else we can do to assist you or any possibility of convincing you to stay; we welcome and would appreciate you emailing us at Your 9 year membership means a lot to us, and we look forward to hearing from you again if you so choose. Thank you

Thanks for the reply, no review or further discussion is needed.


Sounds like you couldn't qualify for a loan, so your moving on to another bank.  That is your right, Good Luck.

Not at all, it's the principal. Now that everything is gone on my credit USAA is quick to offer, nope sorry to late. It's not just a car loan. It's my vehicle and house insurance, financial accounts, investment accounts. Theres no care from USAA anymore so why should i?
Mark, I'm with you go to another bank. They really don't care about you but it would give them bad press to say that so instead they pay people to say they are sorry. Run and run fast