Horrible customer service.....can’t get a straight answer

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I have been a usaa member for over 35 years.  I have auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, umbrella insurance and personal property insurance.  I also have 3 kids who have joined, I have debit cards, cds and trust accounts.  I have most of the products usaa offers.  


Even with this large relationship, I continue to receive horrible service.  I receive platitudes from poorly trained employees who are put in the position of “lying” because your systems are so so broken.  Perhaps the worst part is there is no recourse and even your managers can’t give correct answers.  Look at my record and see how many times I have had to interact with your Executive Resolution group.....still rarely getting a good answer.  I can’t even surface legitimate problems to any significant leader.  Guys and gals, this is no longer the military and you can no longer surround yourselves with junior people.  I ran a sizable business for Yum Brands(2600 locations) and respectfully, you are totally out of touch with your customers.


The specific issue is how to transition a TUTMA account to a joint account.  Check the record.  You will see the root of my frustration.  At this point, I doubt there is anyone left at USAA who is both trained and empowered to fix my issue.  If you care, I will hear something from a real leader within 48 hours.  I doubt I will hear and I will continue to look toward Navy Federal Credit Union for my financial needs and armed forces insurance for my other needs.  You had a great company at one time and I was a huge spokesperson for USAA.  Sadly, you have serious customer service issues.  



@Burr59, I regret to hear of this situation. I've submitted your information to the appropriate team for review and follow up. Thank you for providing these details. ~Holland


Your comment is what I always hear from USAA....”not my problem”. Stop passing the buck and have someone take true accountability. Your service is horrible and your comments are worse.

So to everyone reading this stream, on Saturday USAA said they “regret” the situation and the “matter” will be referred to the appropriate department for follow-up.  Doesn’t that sound a bit bureaucratic? Well, as of today(Wednesday night)  I haven’t heard a peep from USAA on this stream and this member of 35 years continues to be deeply disappointed in USAA.  I submitted a complaint too on the same day and when I called to follow-up on my complaint I was told by the agent she couldn’t access the message due to “privacy concerns”.  Can you believe this service? As a retired corporate executive who ran a large(2600 locations) business, this behavior is indicative of a system that has lost touch with its customers.  Very sad to see what is happening to such a great company.


I'm sorry to hear of the frustration this situation has created for you, @Burr59, as it's never our intention to disappoint a member. I have confirmed that your concern has been sent to a Subject Matter Expert for research and follow up. Please allow sufficient time for the research to be completed and reviewed. - Cathleen



Been with USAA for about the same amount of time as you. I noticed the downward trends starting with lower investment/bank returns (USAA says they're the most competitive in the market--if you really believe that), higher interest rates on auto loans, credit card reliability/security/support lapses, being consistently treated as an adolescent whenever I called in, etc. The negative experiences shared on this board by my fellow members--and the standard non-responses given by the CSRs (and the SMEs)--finally gave me the motivation I needed to do something about it. Many of these CSRs/SMEs are very young so I don't know if it's inexperience, indifference or inability to deal with the pressures of customer service. One thing is for sure--the experts at the top are so far removed from these issues that I seriously doubt they'll get their hands dirty to fix things. If that is the way the CEO and his staff want to run things--that fine with me. I'm smart enough (contrary to what some at USAA might believe) to make the right financial decisions that will benefit me and my family--and not just for USAA. Two years ago, I finally moved all my banking/investments ($600K+) with my kids to NFCU (been with them 40+yrs) and Vanguard/Schwab. Much better returns, offers and options without having to worry about stuff being sold off to third parties--like USAA Investment Company being sold to Victory Capital Holdings for $850M.  I would be interested your thoughts about Armed Forces Insurance if you decide to make the move. We'll see what happens with my auto/homeowners policies in the next couple of months when I receive my renewal notification.


I am reluctant to drop the USAA insurance component particularly since most of my service came from the banking side.  I moved most of my $$$ to NFCU where I have been a member since around 1981.  As for Armed Forces insurance, I served on the board of Snowball Express for 6 years which is the charity for the children of the fallen.  One of my fellow board members was a retired USMC 3-star general(Garry Parks).  Garry was the chairman of the board of Armed Forces Insurance from 2012-2017.  If I don’t hear back from USAA soon(now going on 10 days), I will contact Garry.


i totally agree with your perspective about the leadership of USAA being detached from the reality of USAA’s deteriorating service.  USAA has a leadership team populated with retired senior officers.  What worked as a general or admiral when commanding a division/battle group doesn’t work in 2019 in corporate America.  I saw both sides and today’s successful corporate leaders must be willing to get their finger nails dirty and get into the details of their business.  The CEO of our company was a huge believer in owning the details and in interacting with customers and front line workers.  One of his best expressions was “the more you know, the more you care”.  USAA must force their senior leaders to evolve and if they can’t change,  find new leaders.  It is very sad.  USAA was so special at one time.  Sadly those days, particularly in the bank are gone forever.


I do regret to hear of this experience @AirforceNov as that is not how we want our members to feel. I was able to locate your profile and show your concerns have been escalated with the appropriate area. We appreciate your patience while they review. -Emily


Who are you replying to? I don’t see @airforcenov on this stream....

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I do regret to hear of this experience @ as that is not how we want our members to feel. I was able to locate your profile and show your concerns have been escalated with the appropriate area. We appreciate your patience while they review. -Emily



So USAA customers if anyone is interested if this issue has been resolved? Certainly not.


i received an email from a USAA representative named Ashley on March 19.  We spoke via phone shortly thereafter(probably 3/21).  During the call, Ashley stated that she had direct contact with the CEO and would ensure my concerns were surfaced.  I also suggested she look deeper into the issues which she promised to do.  She said(and I agreed) she needed a couple of days to get back to me.


Today it is April 1st and there has been no return call/contact.  Sadly though this is not an April Fools joke.  I never heard back.  In my respectful opinion this is a case study for the customer service problems in USAA. 


Very sad.  The sadder issue is the CEO probably has no idea he/she is surrounded by people who use his/her title and then never follow up.  The issues continue....




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