Can anyone in the DC area tell me with which dealer you've had the best overall experience, sales and service. I'm in a terrible spot where I have a 10 year old honda, and the location where I take if for service always is recommending thousands of dollars of unnecessary repairs. Looking to get in a new vehicle before I need to reach out to someone at USAA to help me dig my way out of debt :-)


I am  the car buyer in my family.


We currently have 3 Hondas.


The last 3 vehicles have been purchased have been through USAA Car Buying Service.  Out of the last 3 cars, only one has been new (because my daughter HAD to have a new car).  We've purchased Honda Certified Used Vehicles (look them up on the Honda Website) and have been happy with getting a like new vehicle for thousands less.   I personally won't look at certified used vehicles that have more than 30K miles on them and prefer them below 20K. 


The USAA Certified Dealers (in my experience) have a dedicated person who takes care of the transaction, until you go into the credit guy & then they don't jerk you around as much.  I've dealt with a retired Navy Guy & retired Army guy.  They are people who understand the military life.


I have my financing set before I ever set foot in the dealership - USAA sends you a check to give the dealer.  The dealers don't like that because they get rebates when they finance vehicles in house.  I've used my USAA check twice to buy the vehicle and once to negotiate a much lower interest rate.


To get to the Car Buying Service, Look up ^


Click ~

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USAA Car Buying Service


Once you get there, you will have information about financing and then there's a page where you input what you're looking for and your zip code.  It will give you a list of USAA Certified dealers & vehicles.


If you decide to look at Honda Certified used, look at the Carfax on the vehicle in question.  On the service history, you'll be able to tell if it's Certified used, because it will tell you.


Good Luck!


I hope I Helped.








Thanks Texas Mom! :) Perfect Answer.