while I get what your saying...I think thats kind of rude. I  have read his books and seen the total money makeover. That is not the problem. The problem is that I want answers as to why this is happening. I am allowed to blame them when nothing like this has ever happened before and no one Ive spoken to seems to know anything either. Thanks for your unsolicited advice. Not at all helpful.

Everyone who does not want to be poor forever and a lot of people are through their own thought.  BUY DAVE RAMSEY's books listen to everything he says and start to free yourself today.  I did it and now owe nothing and own my home outright.  Utilities and small payments for a one year pre owned Caddy CTS loaded to the gills with less than 12000 miles and absolute perfect condition in all ways.  I bought it for my wife who truely deserved it and does all the driving.  I never ever buy a new car and would not have financed a small part of this but I kept all of my investments untouched and could wite a check to pay it off if I desired.  I am making more on other things than it cost me to finance part of it.   I paid mostly cash and trade in for and only financed a small amount for 1% at USAA, you have to work on them for the best rate.  Even USAA is not going to give you the best rate up front and you can check many banks for the absolute best.  Then I have USAA take out twice a month payment and make premium only payments atleast once a month.  The car will e paid for in no time and my Silver, Gold and Bond holdings will never be touched until it makes me a lot of money to sell them.  Before you start, I am a 100% Nam Vet who flew AH-1G Cobras in Nam.  I never had a terrific income but it was not bad and before my isability, I learned how to get out of the credit card prison I was living with and paid it all off.  Did not happen over night and was not always easy.  You have to commit yourself to financial freedom.  Take all but one credit card adn cut the rest up.  You know that as I was at one time I was maxed out on many cards.  Learn from Ramsey abou paying off the lowest card and gradually pay of every card.  It's okay to keep ONE card that you pay off IN FULL every single monh.  Keeping one card with the isapline not to use it is good for your credit rating.  Max that card out and make minimum payments and you will be in credit card ell with nothingfor life.  Your choice.  No I am not bragging for the heck of it.  I got free and so can you.  We have no idea what really awful thing for the country may be being set up for a couple of years from now.  GET FREE OF THE BANKERS WHILE YOU CAN.

Interesting conversation and I see it is sparking a lot of passion. Thank you to those who posted the link to the USAA Depository agreement. I admit to not having read the fine print myself so it is good to review. It appears that USAA has been fairly clear about the holds they might place on funds:


For deposits made by check, availability of the funds may be delayed for a longer period under the following circumstances:
• FSB believes a check you deposited will not be paid.
• You deposited more than $5,000 on any one business day into all of your accounts.
• You redeposit a check that has been returned unpaid. • One or more of your accounts has been overdrawn repeatedly in the last six months.
• There is an emergency, such as failure of computer or communications equipment. (page 32)


While I have great sympathy for the stressful situation the orignal poster must have found him/herself in, I do agree with the sentiment of some other commentors about the importance of using this as the spark to really get a strong grip on your personal financial situation. You really want to be working to a state of not living paycheck-to-paycheck, having that extra cushion in checking and in savings, paying your bills in full and on time each month, etc. Personally I keep an extra cushion of about half a month's worth of regular spending in the checking account to make sure that some unexpected bills don't put us in a tough spot. Personally, having a checking account balance dip to $23 is a scary place to be, and I don't fault USAA for viewing that as a potentially risky situation.

I guess I  am confused by all the haters and complainers. If you are not happy with the policies or service you are getting with USAA, then go bank somewhere else and see if you are treated any differently.

I just deposited a check from my school from a pell grant that i received on May 8, the next day I go to pay some bills and everything is declining. I log on to my account and its on hold until May 20, now to me thats a little rediculous. I called the bank spoke with a CSR and was told its a federal law that it has to be on hold. I wonder why didnt I have an option to either continue the transaction to put it on hold or to discontinue the transaction cash it somewhere and deposit the cash. This can cause some people some issues.

Mike Rat, you must be related to my now-deceased husband.  He taught me well!  I am blessed at the age of 72 to have the house paid off, a rental property, and some investments.  I bought a top-of-the-line, loaded car last year, and I paid for it like you did.  I did not want to go into investments.  I had enough cash for a substantial down payment, along with my car.  I, too, could pay off the loan but am choosing not to.  My friends are amazed when I tell them the interest rate.  I also use one credit card for everything.  I'll bet I can tell you the name of the card you use!  The one that gives you the most cash back, and you pay off the bill every month, as I do.  I am not bragging.  I went throught the credit card phase.  I didn't know what discretionary money meant.  My husband gave me a gift that keeps on giving when he taught me money management.  Of course, I thank God for sending him to me, too!

You don’t know what you are talking about, funds liquidity moves faster then ever before. USAA needs to get with the program and stop holding money in there sweep accounts. A member in goood standing should get their fund immediately....

@norsknic, I know funds holds are never fun. According to our depository agreement, any deposit made into an account (excluding wires and direct deposits) are subject to a hold. If a deposit is made with our Deposit@Mobile feature on the mobile app, there is a notice that advises of a hold and the duration with the option to cancel the deposit to make different arrangements. I hope this additional information helps! ~ Samantha 

Wrong! Direct deposits are subject to holds for no reason as well.

@Joesnuffy13, any deposit made into your account excluding wires and direct deposits are subject to a hold. Again, please contact us via secure chat on USAA.com or at 800-531-8722 so that we can provide further assistance. ~ Sam