After being screwed over 2 times by this the answer is 11 days. They take 5 business days to clear a check then they put an additional hold on funds for another 5 business days to make sure the cleared funds don't bounce back.  So any time I deposit a check I don't consider it my money for 11-14 days. It is ridiculous to have the extra 5 day hold. Here's my advice, if you can cash the check at the payer's bank (even if they charge you $10 it's worth it!) then deposit cash at USAA it is the best way. 

I assume when you say "check place on hold" means you received my personal check which is for a CD account to secure credit card? Yes/NO?? Dan

I have held a USAA checking and savings account for over 17 years but am working on closing it. Over the time I have been with USAA I have had multiple accounts including Checking, Savings, Retirement, Auto and Renters Insurance, Auto Loans and Personal Loans. Additionally I am a legacy. All my family have been customers. My parents always told me that USAA was exceptional but I have had enough.

I have recently graduated from law school and while in the process of earning my degree, and on a VERY tight budget. My little part time employer repeatedly guaranteed that my weekly paycheck would be auto deposited and when it continually wouldn't I had a few ACH payments bounce. As soon as I noticed what happened I called USAA and they would waive the overdraft payment and I would manually deposit my check. I accept responsibility for what had happened but was doing the best I possibly could.

So now that I am back on my feet I thought all of this stress was behind me. However, I was very wrong! I made a deposit with my USAA ap on my phone. The balance reflected their entire $2000 as available. However this was WRONG! I was hours from home trying to use my debit card but it was declined. I phoned USAA and was told that I have a hold on the deposit for 7 business days. I was finally connected with a manager who told me that because I had carried low weekly balances and had payments overdraft that I was not able to access my deposit for 7 business days (which actually was 8 full business days). I was basically chastised. When I told the manager that I was hours from home without access to my deposit he offered to connect me the the credit card department so that I could take a cash advance! I was livid.

I called back later that evening when I got home hoping that the jerky manager was a fluke and that someone else would certainly be able to help me out. Instead I was shocked when I was lectured and offered help learning how to manage my finances! I again explained that the ap didn't tell me that I had a hold and was told that after I uploaded my deposit I should have logged onto the USAA website to know that I had a hold. Again, difficult when you have no idea that is even an issue. To that I was told that I should have read my user agreement that I apparently signed 17 years ago.

In short, I used to use USAA because they had great customer service and an advanced ap. Now that even small town banks have a the same mobile banking I won't be staying on as a customer. An 8 business day hold on a check is simply absurd but not even telling members that this is an issue and instead showing a balance as if the full deposit is there is unacceptable and can really leave people in bad situations.

Way to go really are terrible!

Dear jshea,

I cannot imagine the stress and frustration this hold has caused. I would like to get a specialist in touch with you to see if anything can be done and to collect further feedback from you so that we can improve our services. If you could please send us a message here with the details you provided above and the best way to contact you we will be in touch. We do appreciate you and your family's long time membership and we look forward to hearing from you.

This seems to be a trend for USAA!  Read my post, they are holding my finacial aid check hostage for 10 days.  This is  great way to treat long standing customers!!!  I am going to another bank after it clears...

Sad thing is they will change the policy as soon as people start banking elsewhere corp tactics


It happened to me last week with a bank transfer, 10 day hold. I was not a risk, I have made many transfers from another checking account, registered in my USAA profile to my USAA checking account. It is for paying off my USAA VISA and being done with them. I have had USAA accounts for 10 years. I have gone through horrendous, despicable word torture from their beginner call center agents. They put a hold on 80% of the transfer. The money you deposited was good, they already got it. They are gaining interest and using peoples money for 10 days to increase their bottom line. It is not standard banking protocol. I have four other checking accounts with other banks, same balances and history, and NO OTHER bank has ever done to me what USAA has done to me. They monitor posts, tell me they are sorry, say they will call, and never do call me. USAA is no where near the bank they used to be. They are hiring beginners that do not listen, do not care, and treat service members badly. Other banks will not put a hold on your money. None of my other banks ever have put holds on it. Good luck.

Horrendous Service, we can certainly understand how holds may impact your economic stability. Holds are not only placed to prevent loss/fraud, but also if an account is new, has had recent negative history, such as overdrawing the account, returned deposits or NSF resulting in returned payments, which can cause holds on certain deposits. Deposit holds are a standard practice with all banks. Please note that funds take a few days to actually reach us, from the time you deposit, it is not immediate. Even if it is showing as cleared from the funding bank, we do not receive the actual funds for a few days.  The only deposits which do not carry a hold are direct deposits, wire transfers and incoming electronic credits. All other deposits may have a hold.

Additionally, to help prevent any negative impact, when using our mobile app to deposit, any amounts that are subject to holds is displayed before finalizing and submitting your authorization to continue with the deposit. This allows you the opportunity to cancel if the amount on hold would impact you in any way. Thank you for allowing the opportunity to clarify the reason for holds.  ~Jen

So My husband and I just experienced this , It really doesn't make any sense because his "direct deposit" goes in a day before he gets paid and that is available as soon as it starts Pending. But yet when we use the Mobile Banking it now all of a sudden is held for a week. Now grant you we just opened the Account, But I still don't understand. 

I also don't understand being told they dont have ANY over draft protection on Debit cards and the fact that they dont send you a email notification saying that you had  a returned item. If i hadn't actually sat down after getting declined the other day for a purchase and after asking them to ADD Overdraft protection ON my account that apparently they still NEVER did.  I honestly don't understand how you can not be over drafted on your bank card but not your actual account - When I looked at online it showed that I had about $20 so my purchase of $7 should of been fine, but it was declined.


I dont know if USAA is going to be the right bank I hope so because i truly love the USAA. 

@Nana2B, I understand your concern regarding deposit holds. Please note that USAA does not place holds on government or employer initiated direct deposits. If a hold was placed, it is possible to due an account holder initiated deposit using the Deposit@Home, Deposit@Mobile, or funds transfer tool. Also, a hold on these deposits based on your overall account history.


In regards to overdraft protection, it will only work on cleared or posted transactions. In other words, a cleared check which overdraws your account will activate your overdraft protection. However a debit or Visa card transaction at a restaurant or department store would not be approved if funds were not available. When you use your debit Visa feature, the transaction will be listed as a pending transaction (or authorization). Authorizations are not protected under the Overdraft protection guidelines. When you make a debit or Visa transaction the merchant will only authorize a certain amount of funds which will show as a pending transaction on your account. Usually within 3-5 business days the merchant will collect the funds and the transaction will finally clear or post to your account.


I hope this information helps. If you need further assistance, please let us know. - Ben