Kerry Smith is alone and in the dark on that response!  USAA was completely negligent in this case and reading a book is not the answer.

I could see them putting a hold on a check that is out of the ordinary but they put a hold on my entire check. I have not been a risky customer nor has my paycheck ever bounced. It's fraud and if they changed the rules let the customers know before and give us an option instead of holding us and our money hostage.

My account is in good standing and they have always held my checks.  I was with wells fargo and they never did this!!!!

Hi den217,


Just a heads up that I responded to your intial post here. Thanks!

I understand that this is a sore subject for some of you... But before you all get so worked up, why don't you check your USAA account for a statement letter from USAA stating that they have changed some of their policies... It's all word for word on what's been changed and why, and how it may effect you based on your "credit worthiness". If you have to live paycheck to paycheck, then don't bank with USAA, go bank at Walmart. If you were a bank, would you want people with bad credit or who overdraw their accounts to use your money, or would you weather wait and make sure their deposit was guaranteed until you gave it to them?? (That question is rhetorical, because no intelligent person would do that.

Capt. A.W.

Direct deposit SHOULD mean direct F'n deposit. Thanks for talking down to those who are not in your position.

F'n officers...

Everyone, not saying the amount of time you have to wait is wrong or right, but you have to consider that USAA is sort of like a military credit union. You all are investors. If someone wanted to borrow money from you, wouldn't you want to make sure you weren't getting penalized because the check they are trying to cash didn't go through? I have a feeling USAA is at the mercy of the institutions that have to receive and process the checks before the money can be deposited into the USAA account. I have seen a lot of negative replies here, but my suggestion would be to go back and look at your original documentation you received when you opened your account, or review the current policies for your type of account. You may also consider setting up direct deposit into your USAA account. Just my observations. Thanks. 

cramer, dont let these usaa employees who log on as customers to tell you, "everything is great", fool you.  i tried to TRANSFER money from my usaa savings (money that had been sitting there for YEARS, not a check) to my kid's coverdell account and they put a 7 day hold on it (even though it left the savings account as soon as i hit send).  complete bullshiiit!!!  i called and after being routed around to 4 different people, the last flunkie told me, "thats our policy!".  why would that be a policy????  ITS ALL ELECTRONIC.  are you waiting for some midget to pick up an envelope of money at the savings counter and walk it over to the coverdell counter.  this place sucks.  also, good luck getting an insurance claim handled in less than 6 months, or getting your claims rep to call you back. 

get out now!!

If you're talking about me being a USAA employee I'm not.    I don't work for any bank or insurance company.  I've just been a USAA member for 25+ years.



I would like to know about your funds transfer, Coverdell ESAs do have some requirements set out by the law that enacted them that the IRS enforces, but if your transaction met all those crieteria I would think it would be fairly quick from one USAA account to another. 


Did you get any followup explaination. 

Although I am one who has complained and changed my insurance policies, I will say that USAA handled my claim promptly and completely.  The day after I called in the problem, there was an adjustor at my home inspecting the situation.  I was given a choice of using the company of my choice for the repairs or one of USAA's.  The repairs and end product left me with an entire new room, because the paint had to be matched and whole pieces of sheetrock did, too.  I really feel badly for you on the rest of the post, though.  It sounds as if you had a lot of things going wrong that should not have been!  Your experiences with the fragmentation and people not knowing what they were doing are some of the reasons I dropped my insurance.  I wish yoo well.