My husband and I have been banking with usaa for five years now and we are ready to close our accounts and never look back. Today we had 23 dollars in our account. We went and deposited a check for 240$ and then tried to use our cards to get food nd they were both declined. So we call usaa and they tell us about a new policy that makes no effing sense to me whatsoever. They placed a TWO WEEK HOLD on our check and the firts person I spoke to from usaa said it could be like that for every single thing we deposit. The other person was clueless as to any answers and said we could use our money in two weeks. We have children to feed and need to pay the car payment. We have another check to deposit but we're afraid to because we dont know what the ef is going to happen. Two to three days is annoying but two effing weeks is just insane. Wtf usaa.The second person I spoke to said this only happens if your account goes negative even by a penny and she couldnt tell me why even though our account was positive when we deposited a payroll check it still nad a hold or if this is going to be for every single check forever or just temporary. Friggin frustrated doesnt even come close. I earned this money. How can they do this? And to such loyal customers.


This happened to my husband and I as well. If you're account has ever been overdrawn or goes into the negative frequently, then you're considered a "risk" and they put checks on hold for 2 weeks. I would go cash your check elsewhere and then deposit the cash into the account. It's dumb. Their way of controlling the negative balances I guess.

I deposited a check at the UPS store for $558.00. USAA gave me the first $300.00 and I paid my rent with that. After that I went on line and saw a $258.00 hold on my account and I had no idea how I was supposed to feed my kids and wife. I was out of gas and out of money. They put a 10 day hold on my payroll check and I wasnt able to access my money for that long. I had to ask a friend at work for $100.00 to get us by. Next pay day rolled around and I just went straight to walmart and cashed it, no hassle and no waiting, never again will I make a deposit into my USAA account unless it is under $300.00. This policy is pure BS. I would have had no problem waiting for 3 days like other banks do. My rent could have waited til then. This is the only problem I have ever had with USAA other then that, I love this bank and I will not go to another one.

I love this bank too. I just want to be able to use my money when I deposit its always been for the last five years :(

CramerLC - I am thinking an attitude check and some valuable lessons via Dave Ramsey are in order for you. What you are experiencing is standard banking protocol for at risk account holders. Buy and read the Total Money Makeover, then buy and read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. You and your husband are going to have to work hard to get out of this situation. If not, you are going to experience the pain and frustration you are experiencing right now for the rest of your lives.

Do not blame USAA.

Good luck!



I think that was a very rude statement to make. My husband and I are experiencing this in a different way through a transfer from one banking institution to another. That doesn't mean we don't have any other additioanl funds somewhere else. This was not something they made aware to anyone (I checked my emails) and it doesn't mean that they need Dave Ramsey lessons, ( I have read two of his books and classes are offered in our church. We are doing well.) That statement doesn't help someone who is wondering why their money is put on hold for what ever reason and the customer service agents can't explain to why that is.


Our bills are paid through USAA because, we have up to now enjoyed the level of service we received. Now, if Dave Ramsey new why they couldn't access their accounts or simply put a hold because, God forbid they may have had a bounced check once or twice within the year, well then I would love to hear it. We have been loyal customers and should have been aware of these changes and the causes as to why they would choose to do this. Many of their customers would have appreciated it and could have made arrangements and to be aware so that they could follow the procedures as stated to them.


I was told that even if we transferred money to pay on our accounts which would be our car payments, insurance, etc., even if we have a set bill payment plan to have it automatically withdrawn and we deposit on time so our payments can continued to be paid as agreed upon, that they could still put that money hold and our perfect on time payment may not stay that way.


Be careful about throwing out pre-judgements on others without taking in consideration all the facts. We all have the right to be aware of these types of changes and be allowed to prepare for them.


I can blame USAA!



oh man so from now on they can hold anything you deposit or pay>>>???? Ahhh whyyyyyy.


I tried to find the info on here but I couldnt find it. Do you have a link possibly???

No, I actually talked to a CSR this morning. I read the information they had underneath the amount they had in the bank and how long they would have it on hold. I understand what you are going through. It is riduculous how they have made these changes and no one has real answers that work there. I understand those who say they are a good/great bank. We thought they were too until this happened. I have worked in customer service for over 27 years and have never let my customers hear me say "I don't know" without going to find out an answer for you. I am doing some investigating and working to find out what is really going on. Sorry I don't have a link for you, but please email me to check in to see if I have found something.

When we opened our accounts we were all presented with the Depository Agreement.  It is here


They do update it from time to time (like when they introduced deposit@mobile) but it is clear about holds.  They can't hold longer than that agreement says. 


Direct deposit never has a hold you will see that on page 19 of the document linked above.   They are credited on the same day they are recieved.    I don't know of a company that doesn't use direct deposit, but there may be a few.   Then the next best thing is probably to mail or FedEx the check in as all checks (up to $5000) are available the next business day after the deposit.


There are some speical rules for new accounts, and for accounts that have been overdrawn several times, or if USAA thinks the check you were given may not have sufficient funds, but as a rule the quickest way is direct deposit, the next quickest way is in the bank in San Antonio, the next is by mail or Fedex where they have the real paper check, the slowest can be deposit@mobile or deposit@home.  The last two are convenient but not necessarily quick.