I have found, with such a soft heart, I give money away to people whether I want to or not... and don't even ask why. I have been known to give away so much that I wind up with nothing at the end of the month. I'm learning to not give away for no reason. I have learned to give for good reasons responsibly and respectfully. A good cause is not always that, just because someone calls and says I need it now, is not what my catastrophic mind thinks they will just die if they don't get it... so I send it. Not a good thing. So now I give only to one good cause. Family is not always a good cause. One could find a revolving door of family members with their hand out. Tough love ... don't put yourself in a bind just because someone needs more than you can give...good luck and discernment go with you.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience Radar8. It seems to me, you have a very lucky family to have someone so eager to help those in need.


Thank you for taking time to post and thank for your membership.