The highest CD interest rates in the country are at Pentagon Federal Credit Union: e.g., $1,000 one year 1.21% APY. So, I'm wondering why USAA cannot match these rates? My money is growing wheels in order to move.



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Thanks, but no. Whenever a service specialist calls they advise me to invest my wad, for a fee, into funds, bonds, etc., or the worst -- an annuity. If I was on the other end of the phone I would be the smartest guy in the room. Also, the Quicken downloads from USAA for those accounts are still a mystery. I can completely understand and adapt to different ways of making entries but the downloaded transactions are a stubborn puzzle to deal with, still. It is a lot easier for me to sign-up with another A rated institution (in all categories from A. M. Best) and invest for higher C.D. interest rates there. Interest rates are a market and USAA is behind some good institutions offering better rates on C.D.'s.
She has a tough job listening to all these crabby posts, but yeah, no one likes to be referred to a sales department.



Sir, thanks for your note. The community profile that you have is not tied to your accounts so I am unable to access your member information. I also, am not an investment specialist.  It is, therefore, necessary to refer you to someone who CAN answer your question. I'm sorry that that requires an additional step. I wish that it was not the case. If calling in to speak to someone is something you wish to do, please take the time to email and explain your issue so that a specialist can reply to your concern. 


Thank you.

The CD interest rates offered by USAA are not set by a USAA specialist. A specialist cannot change those interest rates. For better savings rates a depositor has to shop around. So, I did. Regarding social media, I try not to expose my personal information to the rest of the planet. Call me crazy.


Sir, I do not wish to argue with you. I am sorry if I upset you. I was not asking you to expose personal information. Quite the opposite, I was trying to allow you a means by which to get help without doing so. Your question was if USAA could match those rates or why they couldn't, if I read correctly. I was trying to get you to someone who COULD answer your question.

That email address is simply so you can get your issue/question elevated to a higher level. I was trying to assist you. I am unable to help you in regards to this specific issue here in the community forums. 

You may insert your information into a SECURE form if you click here, if you wish, and this will elevate your concern. Of course, you can always call in or use the CONTACT US area of where you are logged in via your member number securely, to send an email to customer service, as well.  

Hi, Tara, Some posts sound more harsh after they're read. Sometimes I wish the Options button worked so I could delete a post. [ Sorry, I don't know why my paragraph breaks do not post correctly. Bear with me here.] I was sad there was a tiff. I'm not upset with anyone except the Federal Reserve and banking lobbies. It is not only very tough for the middle class. It is also a scramble for the mildly affluent to remain just so. It is hard to blame us for an occasional flare-up.
She is like a broken record on all her replies. Sure would be nice if she answered the question so we could all get the information. Are we hiding something?

Lots of things effect interest rates...Pentagon FCU might be on a membership drive so they bump the rate. It's a big CD market out there so shop around.