Here's my Story. 20 years with USAA. Given Tens of Thousand$. And now they screw me.

Spent my entire military career using USAA.  Never had a problem, but never filed a claim or anything with them.  Banking, Investing, Home Insurance, Car Insurance, etc--tens of thousands of dollars I've given them.


10 days ago I deposited a mobile check with them on their app.  Check image was fine.  They received the image as fine.

Then....somewhere between their bank and the bank the check was drawn on, evidently the image was changed or corrupted.  Now, today, 10 days after the deposit, USAA notifies me that the image submitted to the other bank (even though the image USAA has was fine) was invalid and they took the money out of my account and assessed a fee on my account.

After I called USAA back they were kind enough to remove the fee they had assessed (caused by their own error of course), but essentially said that even though the error was theirs, I would be the one left holding the bag.  I no longer have the check.  It was only $30.00.  But I guess that's what bugs me as much as anything.  As much money as I've given them over the years--never to make a claim of any sort.  Yet, first chance they get, when a problem is caused due to THEIR OWN ERROR, they try to screw me and take the $30.00 from my account.  

What a way to take care of customers...


@IdahoVet, I regret to hear you had an issue with your most recent deposit. We certainly value your 20 year membership and this is not the experience we want for you to have. Due to security and privacy restrictions we are unable to discuss account detail information via social media, however I am forwarding your concerns to a subject matter expert for further review. 

Let's not discuss detail, then.  Let's just discuss the policy in general that if a check is deposited with USAA with a valid, good usable image.  And then later USAA screws up that image and it is no longer usable so the next bank doesn't accept it, that the money is then deducted from the member's account.


Can we discuss the fairness of a policy that when USAA makes a mistake (even a $30 one) that they then try to recoup it from a member?  Does that seem fair.  Seems like I should be the one getting an apology from USAA, but instead of getting an apology, they send me a sterile note saying that they've assessed a fee on me.  For THEIR OWN ERROR!!!


Takes a lot of nerve and/or huge indifference to customers to pull a stunt like that---"Hey you, we screwed up. Let's make it right by assessing a fee on you and taking your money!"

@IdahoVet - Sorry to hear this happened - I have always been nervous about the Mobile Deposit so for MY protection, I never write the account number on the back of the check, I never write VOID on the front of the check, and I always save the check for 3 months in a file.  Once the check is deposited, I do write in pencil on the back of the check the date that I deposited the check.  This way if USAA decides to "reverse" a deposit for whatever reason, the check is still valid to deposit elsewhere.