Why is it so difficult to contact you guys during this time. The chat option is disappointing, to only be told you need to dial this number. What is the chat option for, a telephone directory? I bank with several other institutions, not just USAA. Other banking institutions are doing it right, making contacting them as easy as an email for example. I wanted to see if there was an option for asking for an extension on my personal loan repayment because of my income being zero right now, impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. To have to call and wait for hours on the telephone to speak with someone about this discouraging, to say the least, and speaks to an underline issue. To have to call several different departments about the same issues is discouraging. 


@Wilson, C., Sorry to hear you are discouraged, I totally understand. I am also sorry to hear you have been impacted financially by COVID-19. We do have programs in place, you do have to however either chat or call 210-531-8722. We do not have any other options at the moment. Stay safe out there!  ~Tom