My husband is a truck driver and just started his new job. We never really used our usaa account until now since it is our only joint account. My issue is when we put his first check in, a part was held. Yes, I know I agreed to have it held, but after seeing the comments I am worried that all our money will Be held because he gets paid different amounts each week. How will I know if his direct deposit goes through? Will USAA hold our money if it's more than usual, which will most likely happen due to the nature of his job? Again, I do not want a summary of policy, I just want to know if I need to switch banks.


My experience is you are about to be referred to a "subject matter expert" followed by conflicting representations of what the hold policy is and finally hold after hold after hold.

Hello and thank you for sharing your concern regarding your spouse's direct deposit. If your husband's payroll is sent by direct deposit we do not place holds on this type of deposit. If you are using our Deposit@home or Deposit@mobile it could be placed on hold. Based on the information you provided this is not the case and you should be fine. Thanks! - Darrell