Seems hard to interact with for routine stuff. No one ever answers phone. Long hold times.

I thought it was a good org but I don’t see it lately.


@BlissfulOne, thank you for reaching out in our Member Community with your concerns. We are experiencing extended hold times in our Mortgage area. I would be glad to forward your post to the appropriate area to respond to your questions. Can you reply and confirm if that is what your inquiry is related to? I want to apologize that you are having this type of experience. ~ Suzy 

The issues you mention are holdovers from the Stuart Parker era,  there is a new CEO now so maybe he can turn things around.

Sure hope so or this 49 year member is gone.

Several years ago USAA made a big advertising push for all veterans to join and that's about the time I started seeing quality go down with the company.  I looked it up and Parker took CEO in 2015, I think the all veteran push was shortly before that so I can't blame him but it was around that time, not sure as I didn't make a mental note of the date at the time.


I applied for a  credit card last night, mostly so I didn't have to pay the balance by check like I do with my current card, and was given a credit limit and interest rate that a teenager should be insulted by.  I spent a good deal of time on hold today just to be told that they can't change anything until I've had the card for 6 months.  I have 800 credit score, 30 years of clean history, 20 years of it with USAA that would be longer but that's when they started doing business in my state, but their computer put 10 seconds of thought into giving me a card and these are the rates it decided I should get.  I'm not sure I'm going to keep the card and the idea has popped into my mind several times to leave completely in the past few years, this is just one more nail.

@Kxs, It is not our intent for you to feel frustrated with the credit product you received. I would be glad to submit your feedback in regards to your experience. Your membership is important to us. I can only apologize that the product was not more in alignment with your expectations. ~Suzy

My feedback is:


It would have been nice to ask me at the beginning of the application for the credit limit and interest rate I was seeking and have a human review it. Instead I said I'd like a credit card, clicked submit, waited for a few seconds, and the system said I was approved and here is your card number and terms which included a $500 limit and 21.4% interest.  I applied for my first card when I was 18 and was given a $3000 limit with about 9.5%-11% rate. 


I've had my other card for 30 years with no late payments.

I've been with USAA for 20 years with multiple insurance policies, multiple bank accounts, a 30 year mortgage that I paid off about 29.5 years early, I own a couple houses outright that USAA monitors the value of so USAA knows and played a major part in most of my financial history.

I have a 797 credit score with Experian but it has probably taken a mild hit since I applied for this card, it was 799-805 with Equifax depending on the day of the week when USAA was a partner with them.


I'll admit that applying for the card was easy but I'd prefer to wait a day if it meant that a person would have reviewed it and made a logical decision.  I don't see how someone with as clean of a history as I have should have that high of an interest rate and only a $500 limit.  The lowest rate advertised is 13.4% and I expected my rate should be very close to that.  I'm almost 50 years old and what good is a $500 limit to me?  Especially since USAA knows my income and account balances and can plainly see that I can pay off a balance higher than that.  A $500 balance likely barely covers groceries and gas for the month.  I believe the word I used to describe the numbers I was given was "insulting" when I called to see about getting them changed. 


Further, I believe workers, or at least a manager, should have the authority to review the facts and change the credit limit and interest rate from day 1 and not tell me to call back after I've had the card for 6 months. 


Feel free to contact me if you can do anything about this otherwise I'll go back to arguing with myself about whether to keep the card or not.




Check out credit cards from Navy Federal Credit Union, Pentagon Federal Credit Union, ...any credit union. All better than USAA has become. 

@FI44CO45, We appreciate your opinion and would like to understand more about what has occurred for you recommend other cards? It is valuable feedback that may help us see things from your side. Please share. Thank you. ~ Suzy

I absolutely agree to try ANY credit union. Why? As a 38 year member of USAAI was transferred to three different people before being told that USAA would not consider lowering my credit card APR. I would have to apply for a new card. Yesterday NFCU lowered my APR to more than 6 PERCENT lower than my USAA card even though I have only been a NFCU member for about 5 years! A PERSON at NFCU accomplished this within 20 seconds after I asked!

Hi Oldguy56, we can understand the frustration.  We do not offer the option to lower rates on our credit cards. However, we do offer the option to apply for a new card to see if a lower rate can be approved for you.  We realize this isn't the outcome you preferred and will forward your feedback to be further reviewed.