Has USAA really went down the drain?

I cannot help but noticed so many negative comments about USAA and its customer service in general.  I have never posted any comments before; but I regularly read the posted comments to see what is going on with the USAA community.  I have been a USAA member for over 20+ years; and I have never had any negative experience with them.  I remember when I was rear ended, the total loss process and handling of my claim was very stress free.  The adjuster who handled my claim was an utmost professional and always returned my calls.  Maybe time has changed and USAA is not what the "old USAA" anymore.  I work in the insurance business and I always brag about how excellent USAA's customer service is.  Maybe the company's culture has shifted and the core mission (service, loyalty, honesty and integrity) has been totally forgotten. I am deeply alarmed so many members, who have been with USAA longer than I do, are leaving the company.  USAA please wake up (don't be a big WOKE) and fix the problem.  

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  So I just posted some feedback to the admin on this discussion.  I've been a "member" for 43 years.  Married into it, inlaws have been members for 65+ years.  Note to USAA: long time members should get discounts, churn kills you.  End note.n

  Over this time, I've had a number of claims.  Most of the time, USAA has come through, but all in all, they are an insurance company.  Sometimes claims just go sideways.  All of you reading this - LISTEN TO ME.  You are responsible for managing your affairs and claims - not USAA.  If you aren't satisfied, say so.  :) read on.


  So, years ago, we have a pipe bust in our kitchen.  The hot water pipe.  45k later it was clear that the recommeneded repair company were completely incompetent.  They clearly subsituded bad product for what to be replaced.  That day, the adjuster showed up with the PM to discuss the situation.  I had to step in before the adjuster was assaulted by my wife with a mop.  After another week, I told USAA the situation and said if the repair company showed up again, I would call the sheriff.  

  Was this USAA's fault? MMMM 50%.  They need to do a better job on recommending people.  Ultimately, it was a learning lesson for me.  I suspect a lot of complaints are driven by ignorance of the claims process.  YOU are responsible for the claim.  End of story.


  Last year, I had my roof replaced - no gripe or issues from USAA.  It had accumulated significant hail damage over the years.


Is USAA the cheapest?  I'm not sure.  I'm an old guy.  But everytime I shop auto or homeowners, I can't beat the rate I'm getting.


Thank you for your long term membership and loyalty.


I am glad you shared your experience and concerns. We have the opportunity to hear from members here in the Community forum and we review each members comments and feedback.


Thanks again for taking the time to post, and for your membership. 


pray tell - is management listening?  Because it does not seem so.


*all* of my military sons have left USAA due to cost issues.  USAA needs to refocus on their core products.  The fact that they advertise on radio tells me they are heading toward State Farm levels.



Shop around.  USAA can easily be beaten on every product they offer.  USAA is not the company it once was.

back that up.  I've never found a lower price than USAA, but I'm an old guy.  I know my children have gone elsewhere.

Shop around.  I'm saving over $4000/year with a major insurance company that issues 1 year policies so no biannual  rate increases.  In fact, it has renewed twice and has gone down each time.  Use an insurance search company or do it yourself.  I left USAA after 40 years.