Has ANYBODY Received a USEFUL reply from any of the Reps Responding here?

I've been reading a number of these threads and so far, every single reply from every Rep has been little more than lip service.  I have not found a single reply that seemed to directly answer a question or solve a problem.



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"I've elevated your feedback to the appropriate teams."



Yeah, that'll help a whole bunch.


Maybe if the 'appropriate teams' spent a little time here on the boards ??????



Bumping a full year later because I still see the same non-replies.  "We'll forward .... " and so on.



Nope - same words, sometimes in a different order.  

No. It is a reflection of a once great company that has stopped listening to it's customers and is now flailing.


None. Lip service indeed. “They feel so bummed.” Posts are edited.

We would like to help, if possible @DandG. Can you share with me what happened to make you feel this way? ~Marie

@ wrote:

Can you share with me what happened to make you feel this way? ~Marie

READ the posts you and other CSRs make on these boards.  I still have not seen a single one that offered truly useful information.


I read one the other day replying to a member asking how to deposit cash.  The rep told them to buy a money order and do a electronic image deposit like a check.   Not even a hint of seeking out an ATM that accepts cash.


Nearly all others are:


'We forwarded your complaint.'

'We'll look into it'.

'We don't do that here, call us'.


Or some variation on those three. 


People have been asking about the secured credit card.  CSRs have not explained the delay in the new offering nor WHY the old one was dropped. 


No one has explained why so many services like the Credit Monitoring and investments have been farmed out. 


And based on the hours that CSRs reply, I maintain they are NOT located inside the US.  If they were, at least some of the responses would be during  US business hours.




I believe you are really off-base here. A forum is not necessarily a place to solve grievances completely. Customer service is not at its best in typed messages. One-on-one has always been best way to talk to people. Otherwise, the spirit of a message gets mean, like yours. As for the hours of the day that they respond: may CSRs do work out of home. With the thousands of messages they receive, accommodation at all hours is a plus. And the security of an actual phone call is that they want to be sure they are talking to the correct person, AND they can look at your account with you to get the best information needed for any question. I have talked many times with USAA CSRs and none have had foreign accents, I've always asked them what state they are in and they are all around the country, NEVER outside the country. Gees, you need to lighten up.

In the 16 hours since this was posted, I had not seen a single post from any of the CSRs until just the last few minutes.  That's a pretty clear indication that they're outside the US which would be yet another security issue.




Hi @Inquiring_Inquisitor,  Hi there. We are live agents who man this site. Please note we are not able to list specific account information here as it is a public space. For assistance with your account, please send us a new chat.  We are always happy to help you.

Every thing about that post says you're outside the US.

Do you have a general question we can help you with?

Are you currently physically inside the United States or not?



If not, what country ARE you in?


Yes, we are in the Unites States, We do not have any call centers outside of the United States.