Hard to contact USAA by "message center" to write about my Grievance

I have a Grievance (about securing a loan) and I wanted to put it in writing via the "message center".  USAA will not allow a Grievance concerning Banking to be put in writting via the message center.  So this is my Grievance, the 5 minute process to secure a loan turned into  over 1 and 1/2 hours on the phone and the loan issue has not been settled yet.  USAA has gotten so big, they can't have a live "chat" with members.

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My wife and I greatly prefer communicating with businesses via e-mail, and indeed this used to be an option with USAA: as we all know calling USAA is a time-consuming hassle (plus their main goal is to record ALL conversations to cover themselves legally-though they fib and say this call "may be" recorded- it IS recorded), and "chatting" is often robotic and feckless, and a live person chat is not conducive to thoughtful communication. Recently my wife went to her USAA page and it was essentially blank, wiped out. She contacted USAA via this forum and did receive a phone message from "Drew" in the CEO's office with a follow-up e-mail from him, but his e-mail was a non-reply address. She then sent an e-mail to the pretend "I'm your best friend" e-mail address of the USAA CEO (wayne@usaa.com) and specifically said she would like to use e-mail, and received the following response- "We understand that you have requested communication via email however, we deeply regret that we are unable to facilitate communication with members via email for security reasons."  I seriously doubt they "deeply regret anything, and the "security reasons" excuse sounds like utter nonsense, a typical misdirection, if not outright lie, by USAA.

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 and specifically said she would like to use e-mail,

For obvious reasons, general e-mail is not secure and cannot be used for anything involving personal information or account specific details.  There are encrypted email services, but they involve keys at both ends.


Chat usually works fine, bu I try to hae my inquiries types out ahead of time, so I can paste them ito the box.


In system secure messaging would be best, but for some reason I can't understand, banks in general seem to be dropping it.  Some of my banks still use it, but not all.



@Reid Fitzsimons, thank you for reaching out. I certainly understand your concerns and we know how valuable your time is. While I understand this was not the response you were looking for, the security of your account is always a top priority. For a written option we recommend chat, as this is a secure method of written communication that allows you to get real-time answers from a live representative. We appreciate your feedback regarding the ability to email and I will ensure to submit this on your behalf. Thank you. - Robyn

I understand the seriousness of the situation. I have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. - Jason