I have been a customer of USAA for 13 years, and had someone hack my account on 11/10. They made a large deposit and a zelle and cash app transaction. When I noticed the fraudulent activity I contacted USAA immediately, and changed all my log information. USAA froze all of my accounts and all of my funds the next day, with no warning (which according to one of their managers they are supposed to call and tell you, and give you a chance to withdraw some of your funds). 3 days after the initial reporting of the fraud, speaking to multiple people a day, I have no answers other then it is under review, that no-one can release my accounts until they are done reviewing it, which can take 3 business days, and if I'm found at fault they won't unfreeze my accounts till any negative balances are paid. You cannot speak to the actual fraud department, the check in question has my name typed on the back, not an actual signature, and not a single person can give me any kind of answer! Please tell me how you expect someone with kids and a job to live with 0 access to any money? The customer service with this bank has gone way down hill. The lack of empathy, urgency or anything is 0. As soon as my accounts are unfrozen I will be pulling any and all money from this bank. I will never entrust USAA with my business or my money ever again!


@jstuck, We appreciate you membership for 13 years and I am so sorry to hear of this happening! I am forwarding your concerns now to a Bank Specialist. Please be patient as we investigate. Thank you. ~Tom


Unfortunetly after the customer service and no resolution that I have recived from your team in the past 3 days I have 0 faith that y'all will do anything to help me. 

Huge mistake involving this current version of USAA in your finances.