On March 15 of 2020 my debit card along with multiple other people in Indiana and surrounding counties had their debit cards and information in private securities hacked by a hacker out of Africa on walmart.com this hacker got everybody’s information and charged over $400 to my debit card to pick up watches which they had a Ponzi going and doing long story short I filed a police report I scanned it and posted on my profile with USAAI filed a fraud charge sent them all the Police paperwork explaining to them the situation they put the 426 back in my account fast forward now to present May 6 the fraud department for USAA has never called the detective which they have the phone number they’ve never called me they’ve never called anybody to my knowledge that knows what’s going on I’ve called multiple times keep getting the runaround telling me that they were gonna call me back and they have 48 hours to do so henceforth they USAA hacked my account and took $426 back today claiming that it wasn’t fraud that they did a full investigation but I beg to differ because I talk to the investigator with the police department on a daily basis and he has not received any calls and has advised me that I probably should go public on the new stations being a disabled veteran in the state of Indiana and somebody that works for the department of defense and being treated this way by a financial institution that’s not doing their job professionally is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard of clear and blatant hack thievery and stolen money yet the members got a pay the price ignorant saddened and beside myself most unprofessional USAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


March 15, 2021

Thank you for sharing with us today @21y Army Engineer, although I regret to hear of the circumstances. I was able to locate your profile and will engage the appropriate area for review, should additional information be needed they may reach out to you. Thank you in advance for your patience. -Emily

I think I’m beyond patience I appreciate your email back but your response is the same response I’ve gotten for over two weeks no one ever calls me back the fraud department with USAA doesn’t investigate anything the detective working the case in Indiana with the police force is beside him self as well and has stated to me numerous times that you guys have never tried to contact him all though he caught the perpetrator and solved the case You choose not to speak with him or call craziest thing I ever heard and on top of all that Usaa takes the money back out of my Account again and states it wasn’t fraudulent 😳 are you kidding me most laughable thing I’ve ever heard of!! thoroughly disappointing USAA shame on USAA!!!
I don’t know what you guys have done internally but you’re on the downhill slide of things the last few years you have people leaving you left and right because of similar situation needs to be a meeting of the minds with corporate to figure out how to follow what you preach in your television commercials on a frequent daily weekly monthly and yearly basis because what is and was stated in the commercials is not what’s happening in real life saddened truly saddened!