Hello I was kind of a rush on my sttatement did  not have time to fully explain my medical situation with memory lost. May20 I rush to VA Medical Center in Baltimore, Md. ER had a seroius heart attack,  had a Heart aneurysm it was very scarcy situation. Try to explain to the lady on phone conservation about my conition where I have memory loss from 5th of May 20 to 30 August20 and being at a Post Acute Center for senior citzens have speaking clearly sometimes and diagnose with COVID19 been quanatine twice File Fraud paperwork 2 Nov 20 


C. A. M.

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xxx-xxx-xxxx    443-[removed sensitive data]


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@Coogieman 68, That does sound like a very scary situation, and I hope that you are now healing. In the subject of this message, fraud was mentioned, and I'd like to ensure that I fully understand the situation. Is further assistance needed with the fraud claim? ~DC