Current CC for auto-pay has been compromised and I need to upgrade to new Visa card.  Your chat instructions have not worked - I guess I need to just wait for Nov. and payment failure will get your attention to really help...

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@BUMMED99, I'm sorry to hear that the process to add your new card for automatic payments has not been successful so far. We are here to help and want to make sure we are able to get this taken care of with you. This will be a two-part process, the first to add your new card to your profile, the second to update automatic payments. 


First, To pay your USAA bills with a non-USAA account, first add your non-USAA account to your account list online, follow these steps:

1. Select +Products, Banking, Tools, Services and Documents, Pay Bills.
2. In the "Bills" section, select "USAA Insurance Bill *XXXX."
3. Under Payment Account, select "Use Another Account."
4. Follow prompts to add a non-USAA account.


Once the card has been added, follow these steps to update automatic payments. To change your automatic payment information online and capture your electronic signature, follow these steps:

1. Select +Products, Insurance, Auto and Property Insurance Bill.
2. Select the "Manage Automatic Payments" button.
3. Follow the steps to modify your automatic payment plan. (Note: At least 1 change must be made to the current plan before you can proceed past the first page.)


Please let us know if you have any difficulty with these steps.