I have been with USAA for over 30 years.  The service used to be stellar and I was very happy to be a member.  That's no longer true.  My son is Active Duty Military in pre-deployment training.  While out in the field I received notice that due to the Patriot Act he needed to send proof of this and that.  Since he is in the field, and does not have access to those records,  I called to see what could be done.  Very long story short,  I was able to provide documents they said would work.  Did I mention they threatened to cancel his account on the 26th of the Month while he is still without a phone in the field? They claimed to have escalated the document review on 9-11 and they would confirm with me the next day.  That call never came.  On the 20th they claimed to have escalated it again and four more times with no response.  Called again today to be told, we will escalate it but they were flagging his account.  So a solider training to serve this country is going to lose all access to his account because someone there can't do their job?  I'm furious.  I was told AGAIN we are escalating it and you will hear from us.   I have little hope of that I'm sure.  USAA you should be ASHAMED of how you are treating the military members you CLAIM to care about.  This company has become nothing but a money hungry uncaring company.  Again, USAA you should be ASHAMED.  I am planning to post this issue to a few more forums.  Perhaps one day they will start working for their members again.  But it sure is not looking that way.


@Nativemom, I can understand your frustration dealing with this while your son is training. I am engaging a subject matter expert to review this further and reach out to you directly. Thank you. -Cynthia 

Just another example of the "Stuart Parker Effect".  He needs to resign.


That "Stuart Parker Effect" left me no choice but to move my lifetime of savings and investments to a 'real' financial institution. USAA needs some serious rudder input from the BoD as I share my stories with all my career Navy buds only to discover that they, too, are abandoning ship after 3 decades of USAA membership. So sad.

@Teamgomez, I'm saddened to learn that you have moved your savings and investments to another financial institution and that your friends intend to do the same. USAA values our tenured members, and your feedback is important. Therefore, I'm sharing your comments with the appropriate team for review. ~DC

I posted on another persons post as well but I have had this same issue with my daughter.  Locked out of her account and she has to verify her identity to access the accounts again.  She has tried, I have tried and still getting nowhere.  I have been a member for 35 years and I am now looking to do all my business elsewhere.  Not sure now many people will have to leave them before the board gets involved and makes a change at the top level.  Their slogan of "we know what it means to serve"  is just lip service at this point. 

Hello and thank you for the additional post. We have received your previous post and have forwarded your concern to the appropriate department. Thank you!

Had similarly horrible service. My daughter's account was closed. Fortunately she wasn't military and I could open up a new account. However, it caused a while bunch of different issues and communication was terrible