I used TurboTax for more years than I remember. I didn't even have to think about it. As long as they offered the same product for a reasonable price, it was automatic (usually purchased through Costco). This year's changes to the software were unacceptable.  I'm glad I read the reviews prior to purchase.  Due to the change TurboTax rating has dropped from over 4 stars on Amazon to just over 1 star and, based on the complaints, the rating drop is valid.

H&R Block offers a comparable product at a much lower price. USAA should take notice and not continue its affiliation with a brand that has recently had such a drop in customer satisfaction. It can only tarnish USAA's reputation.  C'mon USAA, switch to H&R Block.


If you bought TurboTax you can get H&R Block's Deluxe for free. Look in the news stories for the e-mail link. The most noise has been about TurboTax's Deluxe which I used for years and years. Since I retired my tax return is dirt simple but even in TurboTax Basic there was an attempt to con me into upgrading to Deluxe. The reason was because I had some deductions that normally go onto Schedule A, but I know I don't have enough to go above the standard deduction for filing jointly. So, if I had been conned into forking over the ransom to upgrade to Deluxe I would have discovered, had I not already known, that I could not file Sch. A, anyway. TurboTax has a p.r. nightmare on their hands and some really lame excuses. I switched to H&R Block's free Deluxe and will never go back to TurboTax.

TurboTax currently has a 50-percent off sale (only until midnight, Jan. 26, 2015) on online purchases of Deluxe, Premier, and Home and Business packages. I have been angry at Intuit's crippling the Deluxe product and was going to switch to H&R Block's Deluxe package -- but I have not been able to determine if Block Deluxe can download USAA tax form data (as TurboTax does).

Here's the link:  https://turbotax.intuit.com/lp/ty14/desktop/lp3.htm?priorityCode=1899700000&cid=em_31440_024_003

The rebate might work this year, but from what I understand is its purpose is to help those in the "transition" to the new format.  It sounds like TT thinks its customers might adapt to the new reality by next year.  Too late for me - I'm already gone.  USAA's tax info isn't ready yet, so I'm not sure if H&R Block will download it.  I'll try to remember to update my post after the end of the month.  I don't normally download from my financial institutions into my tax software, though, so it isn't very important to me.  

The rebate does not appear to be working. Intuit has just announced that they will restore the missing forms mode to TTax Deluxe next year and are upgrading those who bought Deluxe this year to the Premier edition at no charge.

TurboTax is not Military friendly.. at least not in Oregon.
Oregon law exempts military/federal retirement pay if earned prior to 10/1/1991.  However, TurboTax does not allow for this deduction.  Difference for me is about $3000 in state tax.  I complained to TurboTax via email.  They neither corrected the problem nor contacted me. 
(In past years they did this deduction correctly.)
Recommend USAA stop promoting TurboTax on your website.