Guarantee is worthless when you actually need it.

Somehow I was hacked and USAA actually turned down the first of 3 amounts that were somehow withdrawn and sent to a wiring service like Western Union to be sent to Africa but charged me back for 2 others,1 for $198 and 1 for $199. The wiring service literally sent an e-mail telling them that it was a case of stolen identity yet after 3 appeals they are standing by their decision to charge me, the veteran. So much for the comforting phrase they use of a guarantee. This, after years of being a member. Now at 80 years of age, they have literally wiped me out. I won't post what I want to say to them, but rest assured I am done with them.

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This is concerning to see. I will engage the appropriate area to review what has transpired. 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Your membership is appreciated. 

I wish you a great week.

~ Lori C