I've been locked out of all my usaa accounts for a week now with no access to my money and little information as to why other than a fraud review. I'm happy USAA is watching for fraud but to just block my access and lock my accounts without giving me any notice or anyway to contact those doing the investigation is ridiculous. I'm 99% sure the transactions in question were me anyway. There is no reason I shouldn't be able to call up and sort this out myself. Again my money is at the mercy of someone else with no way to resolve this issue. Every person I've talked to has given me a different time frame to wait but ultimately I have to just wait until someone else determines nothing is out of the ordinary. If this issue doesn't get resolved by 3 today I'm moving all my accounts and dropping every usaa product I have. I have yet to see a benefit which outways the poor service which is becoming more common with USAA.


When you leave you will see why USAA is about 1000 times better. They have their flaws, but overall I have been 120% satisfied as compared to any other bank I've ever been a part of. The first 10 years of my career I was switching banks ever 2-3 years over one thing or another. The last 10 years of my service I've been shaking my head in amazement and wondering why I had never heard of USAA before. It sounds like you are referring to potential fraud activity on your bank card. The easiest way to resolve it is to just have them send another card next day air. It is somewhat inconvenient if you pay a lot of bills with that card, but otherwise you have to wait. That did happen to us once. Not much they can do about it. It ended up being some online merchant we used that made it appear as if the charge originated in another country.

Wait until you PCS overseas, and USAA sends the title to your vehicle to an address where you've never lived, and then can't explain why they did that.


Yeah, I'm a little bitter. Overseas now with a perfectly usable vehicle that we can't sell (or bring with us sans title) that will sit and rot for the next three years.

You should be able to get a replacement title. USAA should assist you with that. USAA should be very helpful since they made the error. I wouldn't hold my breath though, this isn't the 1980's when you could count on USAA.
Actually it was transactions I made that set it off so I'm literally at the mercy of them completing there investigation on whether or not there are fradulant transfers; which strangly doesn't involve asking me if I indead made the transfers. Very disappointing that there is no way to resolve this and now I'm worried when I close all my accounts and try to transfer my money to another organization they're going to lock up my accounts again. This is no way to do business.
Thankfully I've already transferred my investment account away and don't have to deal with that mess. I wish I would have done that sooner, the experience is 1000x better then with USAA plus my trades are almost half the price. I have a feeling when this gets all settled I'm going to wonder why I ever wasted time with USAA

Chemical Cowboy,

Let's see if we can get you some additional assistance in this matter. Could you please email socialmedia@usaa.com and give your member number and information and include a detailed description of what the concern/issue is so that it may be elevated? 

Thank you!

Sure it wasn't manufactured spending? ;)