Grievances aren't taken seriously and no one calls you back

I reported activity I didn't recognize on a Monday and was told I'd receive a call back regarding it. I didn't receive a call, but a week later, they froze all of our accounts for 5-6 days without warning. We called on Tuesday and were told that it was actually locked later on Monday and would be frozen for 3 days while they conducted an investigation and then someone would call us about what they find. The accounts should be unlocked by Thursday. Another phone call to USAA just to clarify the information, and try to speak with the department, and we were told that the investigations dept doesn't actually call you. We were told that, if the account weren't unlocked after 3 days, we could call and a representative would reach out to the security department so we could speak to them. They asked us to wait til Friday to call... essentially 4 days. I informed them that we needed access to our accounts to pay bills no later than Friday or we'd accrue late fees. When the accounts weren't unlocked we called Friday morning and were told that even USAA reps couldn't call and speak to the security dept. Essentially, every rep that we spoke with gave us incorrect or inconsistent information. I requested a formal complaint by made and that someone call us about the findings of the investigation. I also requested the account be unlocked immediately as we were beyond the 3 days allowed for the investigation and because I would accrue late fees on my bill if it wasn't paid by that day. The accounts weren't unlocked Sunday morning. Monday I confirmed the late fees I had accrued from my biller, called USAA, and requested another call back and refund. Late in the week I got a call back from the banking dept that had no information regarding the investigation on our account, but still no call back from the security dept. It also appears that the formal complaint was not submitted as I had requested. Someone higher up was to call me back regarding that, but I never received a call from them either and one rep I spoke with didn't see where I'd filed a complaint over the phone. I'm questioning the decision to remain with USAA.

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More SLAPS from USAA. Will this ever stop? It's sad to see a so called "member" treated as a junkyard dog. This is truly beyond the pale. The management of USAA Bank is seriously broken. After huge fines and managment problems ; USAA still is abusing and rude to customers, Fix the attitude and lack of customer concern now. 

@Fraubinder - file a complaint on the BBB website and indicate that you want a response back from USAA.  This usually lights a fire under them.   

@Fraubinder, thank you for reaching out. I regret to hear of your recent experience regarding the access to your account. While the security of your account is always a top priority, this is never the experience we want for our members. Please know that we take this very seriously and I am escalating your concerns to the appropriate department for further review. We appreciate your patience as this is looked into further. - Robyn