Great app for saving money and/or donating to your favorite cause

I found this GREAT app that I wanted to share with fellow members.  

Here’s a link to a youtube video that gives a brief overview of the Benefit-Mobile App:


When users by “gift cards” that are redeemable at major retailers like Target, Walmart, Amazon, etc., a percentage of their purchase—typically 3-5%—goes to a nonprofit organization or cause of their choice.  You can choose yourself as the beneficiary, and just get the rebate back directly.


The gift cards, which are contained within the App, are simply scanned right from the users’ smartphones when they make their purchases. Or you can use them for on-line purchases or print them out to have a physical copy if you prefer.


I am hoping to see new causes join Benefit-Mobile that are near and dear to military families.  I would much rather be giving my regular donations to a military cause than the current beneficiary I have selected.  And i think USAA families like mine would really like the App either as a way of donating money to their favorite cause or as a way to get cash back.