I see a lot of post concerning DHS and the coast guard dealing with personal loans during the current shutdown. What is being done for the other departments that are shutdown? I work for the department of justice. Which is a non funded government agency. I have been a member since 1991. During the last shutdown USAA offered support for active duty members. Why should I continue to bank with a company that doesn’t feel I am equal to the other members of my banking community?


Agree 100%. I am also in DOJ and have the same issue. Spoke on the phone with a loan servicer about options for the government shutdown and was notified that only USCG members were eligible  for the lower interest personal loans to cover them for the shutdown. I served honorably. USAA should treat each of its members on a level playing field.


What makes it even worse - when I expressed my dismay at being treated as somehow less worthy than my USCG counterparts, the loan servicer told me "it's not our fault you're not getting paid..." Way to make a bad situation worse. Been banking with you since I was active duty in 2004. Done ALL of my banking and finaces with you. Going to be looking elsewhere as soon as I start getting paid again. :-(

@ArmyVetFED, this is definitely not the experience our members deserve. I am so sorry to hear this. I will have your concerns submitted to a subject matter expert for further review. ~ Samantha 

I am department of interior and shutdown furlough, and veteran. I deserve this offer.
I am Department of Agriculture and dealing with this shutdown/furlough. I am also a veteran. There is no reason we should not be getting the same offer as the Coast Guard. We have served our time also.

Just so you know...Stewart Parker, the CEO of USAA, has a daughter in the Coast Guard - just google him.  Perhaps that is why the Coast Guard is getting help and the rest of us are getting kicked to the curb.  

I am a Department of Agriculture employee affected by the shutdown and a retired  veteran.  I agree with everyone's comments. Why only two federal agencies get assistance? Anyone can turn on the tv and see there are over 800,000 affected across multiple agencies. I have been with USAA for over 20 years for my banking, home, life, auto insurance and college funds but will also look to leave very soon. So disappointed with a company I used to encourage other veterans to join. 

@NE e, We understand that some of our non-military members are impacted by the current government shutdown, but given the difficulty in determining each federal department’s approach and each member’s status, we’ve had to limit this offer to active duty Coast Guard and NOAA Corps employees. We encourage you to call us directly to discuss your specific situation, so we can help determine the best option for you. ~DC

I too have decided to leave USAA Federal Savings Bank.  NFCU is offering up to $6000 in interest and fee - free loans to their members who are furloughed government employees, provided that they already had direct deposit set up with NFCU, and that they did this prior to the shutdown.   The loans will then be repaid by automatic withdrawal from the member's account sometime after the completion of the shutdown.  This shows a compassion and trust in its members which is clearly lacking here.   It's the last straw for me.   I have been a federal employee with Treasury for 16 years, and have been an account holder with USAA since about 2002.  I also am a Navy veteran and a USNA graduate.  I'll keep my insurance policies for now, but will reconsider those as well.  This is no longer the same organization I joined.  

You and I are in the same boat. I'm leaving and taking ALL my accounts. I don't want to give my business/money to a company that touts "serving those who serve" but doesn't back that up. I'd rather give my business to a company that doesn't claim to be veteran focused but just provides good service. At least thaat company is being honest.