Matthew McD

I have conflicting stories about who USAA is helping and who they are not. I called last week on behalf of a bunch of affected workers and they said yes they would be able to help. Fast forward to today and I was told as far as USAA is concerned that only the Coast Guard and NOAA are negatively affected. REALLY???? I sincerely hope I have this information wrong!  If not, that is terrible and you should be ashamed.  There are 800k people affected by this, none of which are your members fault. Let’s call this what it is, discrimination to every federal worker that does not belong to one of those two groups.  If this is not changed, I will take all of my products and moving. Not only that but I am going to let every member that I work with know if this shameful practice.


Really surprised to hear you received that response from this entity. The commercials seem to reflect all are welcomed. I hope that was miss information because my coworker encouraged me into joining this organization.