BTW its not all of NOAA.  0% loans ONLY to  NOAA corps.  I work for NOAA and I'm a fed getting  0.[removed sensitive data] help from these USAA clowns.  Dumping them as soon as a I can.

Note they aren't assisitng all USCG & NOAA employees; its active duty ONLY.  Oh, and it gets worse:  All USCG Retirees will not be receiving their retirement pay since that is part of the unfunded USCG Appropriations.   USAA doesn't plan to offer retirees the same benefits offered to other USAA members (axctive duty USCG & NOAA) any more than they intend to support civilian members who are long term USAA members.....unbelievable.  Time to let ourselves be heard by switching banking and insurance to those who are earning the trust of their members, like NFCU.

I am moving my banking to Navy Federal When the shutdown is over.

Yeah, I will be moving all my accounts to Navy Federal as well. Their insurance, which used to be the main reason to bank with USAA, isn't competitive either. Choosing not to offer assistance to gov't employees is going to cost them.

I agree and USAA is no longer competitive.  I switched my checking and savings accounts years ago.  I've also gotten insurance quotes from ***gressive and Geico that beat USAA rates.  Years ago no one could beat USAA and most insurance companies would not even offer a quote when they discovered you had USAA.  Sad, but those days are gone.  It pays to shop around.

Same here.  $250K+ in assets held at your bank, purchase 4 annual insurance products, and maintain a checking and savings account for 9 years with you... "sorry, we only over the payday loans to members of NOAA and the Coast Guard."  Yep, it really is time to shop for a new brokerage house.  Unreal, USAA.  

@CNS77We are sorry to hear you are disappointed and would hate to see you leave, I will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team.  ~ Shane

Have you gotten it forwarded to whoever made the policy to only assist two of the affected organizations?

We have forwarded your feedback as well @Maagee to the appropriate team. ~ Joseph

What team Joseph? Who made the decision to only help certain members?