USAA - ref your msg above -  What is the point of calling, and also posting the same msg over and over, with a hint that you may assist.


I online chatted with a USAA Representative, and no assistance offered.  I am a 30 plus year USAA member, and essential federal employee who is working and receiving no pay.


Many other banks, and credit unions are stepping up, but NOT USAA.  I am a bit tiffed, I previously had a positive feeling towards USAA.  USAA's inaction has certainly tainted that.

You are not alone brotehr.  I work for NOAA and have gotten zero help.


USAA is dead to me .  I ma a 20 year memebr too.  Moving all of our services to otehr provides after the shutdown.  Once they started only caring about being on TV and expanding their base it wa s all over (4-5 yrs ago).


Now they have a TIERED membership. Screw that, I'm out.

@mcjaxonUSAA is offering up to a 90-day payment deferment on credit cards, up to a 60-day payment deferment on loans, and special payment arrangements for insurance on eligible accounts. So we can help determine the best option for you, we encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your specific situation, at 210-531-8722, or via secure online chat 24/7 by selecting Contact Us from the HELP tab. For the latest updates, login to ~ Samantha 

If this issue (request for assistance during shutdown) wasn't so serious, I'd be laughing at USAA's corporate response to all of its longtime members, such as,"We will continue to evaluate this product offering against member value to help ensure it serves its purpose of easing the financial hardship that can result from a government shutdown and interruption in pay. In the meantime, please feel free to reach 800-531-8722 if you have any further inquiries regarding this." Really, this is the guidance your institution (Fortune 100) is providing longstanding customers who've made your company BILLIONS in revenue? I figured you guys out some time ago, transferring both my home owners and auto insurance to one of your many competitors. I was also wise enough to maintain my government salary in a Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU) account, via "Direct Deposit," allowing me to take advantage of NFCU's generous offer regarding affected government emplyees. However, I want to let the shutdown playout a few more days before I make a decision regarding NFCU's 0% loan program. As a 20+ year member of USAA, I should be appauld at your actions, but I'm not, becuase I'm a realist and understand that USAA is only concerned about USAA's bottom line, which does not include its membership. Sadly, we live in times of greed, as those who serve continue to foot the bill for those who take, hand over fist! Service members need a new financial institution in which they can entrust both their money and loyalty. I selected NFCU!  

Navy Federal is actually offering zero interest loans to its members who were affected. I wonder why USAA doesn’t value its members.

@Shyler, This is hard to hear. I will forward your feedback to the appropriate area. ~Suzy

What area is that Suzy?

you would think that usaa deals with the military and goverment workers they would have some compassion they could give you your direct deposit up front and then get it back after the shut down is over like navy federal is doing i see in time of need usaa is just talk they dont want to help veterans and goverment emploe this is sad i thought usaa was a great family bank now i know there true colors

I saw that too that Navy Federal is granting the no interest loans to all its members not a select few like USAA. I have already looked into switching and will prob make the move once the government is funded. It bothers me that USAA isn’t doing any more for its members. This isn’t a coast guard or NOAA credit union. I’ve been with them for almost 15 years and bc I work for Homeland Security, one of the most impacted agencies it seems I’m eligible for help by applying for an unsecure personal loan subject to a higher percentage than the 0.001. It’s a hard time right now and the company wants to make a profit from an unfortunate situation. Let me thank USAA in advance for the apology I’m about to receive and how it will be forwarded somewhere a change won’t be made.

Just so you know...Stuart Parker, the CEO of USAA, has a daughter in the Coast Guard.  Perhaps that is why the Coast Guard (and NOAA) are getting help, but the rest of us are kicked to the curb.  Just amazing [that's sarcasm to the monitors.]!